Video: Car Show Burnout Goes Very Wrong For This GT500 Driver

As it turns out, 500 horsepower, near-full steering lock and a busy street full of traffic and pedestrians is a recipe for disaster. Just ask the driver of this GT500 Mustang who nearly took out a dozen people. Read More


Video: AWD LS2 Cutlass Doesn’t Give Pontiac G8 A Fighting Chance

Our favorite Cutlass is at it again, this time showing a Pontiac G8 what the tail lamps look like. Not only can this AWD Cutlass fill a zip code with smoke, it seems to reach the next zip code in no time at all. Read More


Video: Check Out This 600 HP GMC Pickup Run Targa Newfoundland

Targa Newfoundland is an annual rally that takes place over seven days and covers 1,400 miles. 2014 was the first year that the event has seen a truck compete, though! Read More


Video: Weld Racing Wheels Survive Massive Contact In Formula Drift

Rubbin' is Racin', and JTP and McQuarrie prove that it's all part of the spirit of competition as they slip and slide and swap paint a few times in Formula Drift. Bodies get mangled, but the Weld wheels survive! Read More


2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Goes 10.03 In Quarter-Mile

Using a 50 shot of nitrous, a cold air intake, methanol injection, slicks and a tune, this Dodge Challenger Hellcat almost made it into the 9s. Read More


Watch The Corvette Stingray Get Built On “How it’s Made”

GM had to give the Bowling Green Assembly Plant a top-to-bottom renovation to build the new Corvette Stingray C7, and now we get a peek inside the factory. Read More


2016 Ford Focus RS MSRP Revealed Via Configurator

We know almost everything there is to know about the 345 horsepower, all-wheel drive 2016 Ford Focus RS, except the price, until now that is. Read More


The Ultimate Chevrolet Collection

In the small town of Eagles Mere, Pennsylvania, we found just a sampling of what is possibly the largest collection of cars owned by one man. We checked it out, and now so can you. Read More


Aussies Go Crazy Making Seven Kinds Of Smoke At Sydney Brasher Nats

The Brasher Nats is an Australian competition to see who can do the best burnout in two minutes. It has just about everything a gearhead could want: blowers, burnouts, and cool cars putting them both together. Read More


Getting Started With MSD’s DynaForce Starter

If your car or truck has ever had a problem with a hard-start situation, you probably need a new starter. We found That the Dyna Force starter from MSD can solve the problem, and we verify it right here. Read More


Muscle Cars You Should Know: Pontiac Firebird Super Duty 455

The mid-1970s were a rough time for high performance - particularly for domestic brands. But a team of engineers at Pontiac managed to slip one by the bean counters with the SD-455, creating a legend in the process. Read More

Dodge Charger donk

Video: Charger Owner Mistakes Beach For Parking Lot, Tide Comes In

The owner of this Dodge Charger decided to spend a day at the beach. Without any understand of how tides work, his precious Mopar got caught in the surf and was about to voyage out to sea. Read More


Chassisworks Introduces New Torque Arm Suspension for GM Muscle Cars

Chassisworks has released their new toque arm suspension for select GM muscle cars that directly replaces the OEM leaf springs and shocks for remarkably improved handling and performance. Check it out! Read More


Shelby American Offers Buyers With Cancelled Hellcat Orders A Deal

Around 900 customers had their orders for a Hellcat cancelled and were given a voucher for next year's model. Shelby American is offering anyone holding a Hellcat voucher a free seating upgrade on a new Super Snake. Read More


Watch Out Mopar: Hellcat Killer Is Aiming To Take You Down. Or Not.

We've seen Super Snakes, and snake oil salesmen. Apparently, we now get a glimpse at both of them in the same Craigslist ad from Las Vegas. Behold, the triplecharged, Hellcat Killer, Crown Vic Super Snake CV525. Read More

4 door corvette

Can Chevy’s Superstar Go Solo?

Check out this 4-Door Corvette rendering by artist Casey Shain. It's a real beauty and raises the question of the Vette as a stand alone brand. Do you think GM should expand the Corvette range minus Chevrolet? Read More


Project FFR Cobra Jet Challenge: Full Floating Axle Installation

In this chapter of our Project FFR Cobra Jet Challenge build we explain the full floating rearend. It might be a bit much for a street car, but the full floater is going to be right at home in this track worthy car. Read More


Funny Friday: Miracle Tug Of War

Every once in a while there is a video we cannot help but sharing. We found a truck tug of war, that after watching it multiple times still ceases to amaze us. Check it out for yourself! Read More


Built Better: Kentucky Speed Fits C6 With Kooks Headers, Other Mods

Kooks Headers, a blower, tuning, and other changes made to this glorious black C6 make it a head-turner. But how did it do on the dyno? Kentucky Speed, who handled the mods, fills us in the details. Read More


New Batmobile: Batman Drives a Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Bruce Wayne, we mean, Ben Affleck was recently spotted cruising around in the second baddest car behind the Batmobile, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. The upcoming caped crusader seems to be a bit of a gearhead. Read More