First Camaro Restored-2

Video: First Camaro Ever Built Found & Restored To Showroom Shape

Restoring a classic car is one of the great pleasures of being an automotive enthusiast. The entire process from beginning to end can be incredibly satisfying, especially when it's the very first Camaro ever built. Read More

CR Supercars And Centerforce To Debut 1969 CR-1 Camaro At 2015 SEMA

As enthusiasts, sometimes we see a custom build and wish we could find a car in such great shape ourselves. CR Supercars has broken the mold and is now in production of their second supercar, the CR-1 1969 Camaro. Read More


Classic Dash Saves 1960 Chevy C10 Interior From A Butchered Dash

We take a vintage 1960 Chevrolet C10 pickup truck and totally revive the interior. All we needed to do was change out a battered and butchered old dash panel with a new dash panel kit from from Classic Dash. Read More

1973 Camaro Z28 black on black rear

Is This Rare Black on Black 1973 Camaro Z28 Worth 6 Figures?

This day and age you have a better chance of hitting the Jackpot on the slots than you do finding a low mileage 1973 Z28. However, one man beat the odds and came across this 2800 mile black on black Camaro Z28. Read More


Video: 4th Gen Camaro Donuts Go Bad, Exactly Nobody is Surprised

What happens when you run out of room and talent at the same time, while doing donuts in a crowded parking lot? This video from 2012 shows you... Read More


1LE-Like Performance Handling Package Inbound for Chevrolet SS?

A more track-focused handling package may be on the way for Chevy's performance sedan, similar to the 1LE option on the Camaro SS. Could it be enough to lure away power-hungry Dodge Charger buyers? Read More


RC Engineering Offers Same Day Fuel Injector Blueprinting Service

Are you among the many racers who sometimes finds their preparations going down to the wire for a big event? RC Engineering is ready to help you out with same-day injector service. Read More


Fiat/Chrysler Not Happy With Shady Dealer Practices Selling Hellcat

With all the hype over the Hellcat Challenger, many people speculated that the dealer markup would be huge. FCA is now warning consumers that some Dodge dealers are taking deposits on cars they may not ever sell. Read More


Video: Corvette C7 Z06 Drag Races a Lamborghini Gallardo

American supercar vs. Italian supercar. An age old rivalry and here's the latest battle. The real shocker here is the astronomical price difference between the two cars doesn't guarantee a win. Read More


Dress-Up Can Perform Too: Spectre Shows Us How

The power of an accessory makeover became abundantly clear after installing a handful of Spectre Performance parts on our Mustang. Check out what it can do for your muscle car, hot rod, or custom truck. Read More


Video: Check Out This Insane Road Racing Gaming Rig

This guy's road racing gaming rig is about as close to the real thing as you're going to get outside of a track day. While a few pieces of the puzzle are pretty pricey, much of it can be had on the cheap. Read More


3-inch Cowl Hood, QuickLIFT Hood Struts Fox body Installation

We grabbed a 3-inch cowl hood and Redline Tuning QuickLIFT Elite Hood Struts from and installed it on our Fox-body Mustang for a menacing AND functional front end. Read More

0245_SN14-2836-700-465-80 copy

Event Alert: Goodguys 6th Spring Nats In Scottsdale

Dust off your hot rod and get it out to the Goodguys show season opener in Scottsdale, AZ. March 13-15. The 6th annual Spring Nationals will get the year started right with some of the best cars in the south west. Read More


Magnaflow Debuts Cat-Back Stainless Exhaust For Dodge Challenger R/T

Magnaflow has made a new cat-back system for your Dodge Challenger R/T Hemi. Crafted from stainless steel, your Hemi is going to rumble. Its time to let everyone know that you drive a Hemi! Check it out. Read More


Video: Flaming River How-To On Universal Joints And Steering Shafts

Flaming River takes time out to give us all a little explainer on the finer points of steering installation in this cool video. Learn tips and discover features about Flaming River's products in detail. Read More

BAT 66 Mustang-Thumb

Built & Clean: ’66 Mustang Fastback w/302 & Quad Webers At Auction

This gorgeous 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback is only one of hundreds of musclecars you'll find up for auction on Bring A Trailer at any given time. You really need to see this car! Read More


Video: Street Racing Crash Kills Two Spectators, Driver Fled Scene

Illegal street racing has been going on for decades. Lately, with cars going even faster there seems to be more tragedies at the hands of the drivers who lose control of their vehicles. This time, two were killed. Read More

Challenger Dog-3

Frank The Pit Bull Is This Dodge Challenger Owner’s Co-Pilot

Rodney Jones wanted the new Dodge Challenger SRT8 badly, but was in Iraq, 6,000 miles away from the nearest dealer when it came out in 2008. Now he and Frank cruise it everywhere. Read the whole story inside! Read More


Video: Police Errors And False Arrest, Senior Citizens Humiliated

Imagine your parents being pulled over at gunpoint and arrested for stealing their own car. Crazy? That's what happened to this Washington couple on a road trip through Nevada. Now, they're rightfully suing the NHP. Read More


Just Released From UMI: C5/C6 Front Brake Conversion Kit for G-Body

UMI just made it easy to upgrade your 1978-1988 GM G-Body front brakes to the Corvette C5/C6 brakes. Increase your stopping power with this conversion. Details inside, check it out! Read More