Video: Well-Built Z06 Zips Down The Blacktop

How fast did this E85-fueled, supercharged Vette go down the quarter-mile? It's probably faster than you think. Check it out! Read More


Goodguys Honors Andy Leach With Trendsetter Award At 2014 SEMA Show

Andy Leach, owner of Cal Auto Creations, was honored by Goodguys with the Trendsetter Award at the 2014 SEMA Show. Learn about the man's past and his award-winning rides here. Read More


Dallas Ford Dealer Sam Pack Sells Part of Collection For $11.5M

Sam Pack, a local Ford dealer out of Dallas, TX, trimmed his impressive car collection by putting 131 of his cars up at auction. Pack was able to earn an astounding $11.5 million in sales. Read More


Man Arrested In Two Month Crime Spree, Including Theft Of ’56 Chevy

It's been just over two weeks now since a 1956 Chevy was stolen from a three-car garage in Washington, Missouri and police have finally tracked down the suspect and charged him for the crime. Read More


Video: Mad Max-ing It In Ron Griffith’s Eclectic Monte Carlo

If you've ever thought that the plot of the 1979 feature film Mad Max may eventually come to light in real life, you're not alone. But some people are more prepared for this than others, like Ron Griffith! Read More


1,000 HP LSX376-B15 Part 2: Supercharged and On the Dyno

Today, we'll look at the key component that will provide the boost for our journey to a thousand horsepower and beyond; a Whipple supercharger. Read More


Camaro Stolen In 1976 Up For Grabs At New York Auction

We often write about classics, that after being stolen, end up returning to the rightful owner after years of missing. 40 years after being reported stolen, this '71 Camaro will be auctioned to the highest bidder. Read More


Concept One Pulley Systems – More Than Just Mechanical Advantage

Finding the right pulley system to work with your custom engine can often be confusing. Concept One has simplified the process no matter what your goal is. Find out how easy the process is by reading this post. Read More

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Video: The First Full-Weight CTS-V To Break Into The 8’s!

This is the first ever full-weight CTS-V to break into the 8's - check out the video with three smooth passes! Read More

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Video: CTS-V Fails That Will Make You Laugh And Cringe

We all have to keep in mind that some builds don't go as planned. Luckily for Jeff, he had a sense of humor about his car failing multiple times and his buddy, Mike, briefly documented the whole build. Check it out! Read More


LA Auto Show Live: Chrysler Brings Out Some Grownup Toys And Games

The Dodge boys brought out the big toys to the LA Auto Show - and we mean BIG! You would need a really big game room to play the full-scale racing game they brought. Check out the gallery inside from the show. Read More


LA Auto Show Live: Ford Packs A Punch, Still Secretive Of 5.2 Engine

Ford has been tight-lipped about the new GT350 engine, vague about the power output and stingy with allowing the public to see it. We got a closer look at the LA Auto Show, but the hood remained closed. Read More


Street Legal TV’s Top 5 Engines from the 2014 SEMA Show

The best indoor cars, the best outdoor cars and the best interiors; we pretty much covered it all at this year's SEMA Show, but we couldn't call it a wrap without diving into some of the best engines! Read More


Ford Offers Just a Little Insight Into The GT350’s New 5.2L V8

Not much is known about Ford's new 5.2-liter V8 scheduled for the 2016 Mustang GT350, but EngineLabs coaxed a little insight behind the design strategy that surrounds the unique flat-plane crankshaft. Read More


VIDEO: Could This Be The Million-Dollar Mustang?

This rare Ford Mustang was hopped-up by Holman Moody to get it ready to run pace car duties in the 1964 Indy 500. It has been completely restored, is now up for auction, and expected to bring one-million dollars. Read More


UMI Launches Laser Cut Coil Spring Spacers For GM A-/G-Bodies

UMI Performance has introduced these new laser cut coil spring spacers to help give your A- or G-body suspension setup that just-right feeling. Check 'em out! Read More


LA Auto Show Live: 2016 Cadillac ATS-V Debuts With 455 Horsepower

We're here at the LA Auto Show bringing you the latest manufacturer releases as they release them to the public. Today we visited the Cadillac booth and got to take a look at the new ATS-V for 2016. Read More

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Adhesive in the C7 Corvette May Help Preserve Bats Across America

The latest news on the C7 Corvette is an interesting one. Processing an adhesive used in Stingrays can serve as a stalactite in artificial bat caves, that may help preserve threatened bat species in North America. Read More


TMI Brings Modern Approach To Project Biting The Bullitt’s Interior

We bring a modern twist to the worn, 50 year old interior in our '65 Mustang project car, with all new products from TMI that not only restore the interior, but also bring modern comfort and materials to the cabin. Read More


Impressive ’67 GT500 Up For Grabs At Mecum Kansas City

A gorgeous 1967 Shelby GT500 Fastback will soon be up for grabs at the Kansas City Mecum Auction. While these Shelbys are commonly seen at these caliber of auctions, this particular GT500 has caught our eye. Read More