Quick Tech: Upping the Pressure on our ProCharger i-1 Camaro

With a reprogrammed control unit from ProCharger and new 65-pound injectors courtesy of DeatschWerks, we are taking our Camaro from 7.5 to 9 PSI boost... Read More


Barn Find: An Abandoned Chevelle Gets Saved And Finds A New Home

Its been 12 long years that this Chevelle Malibu has been sheltered away from the elements, awaiting a new owner. Click here to see what it looks like now and where it needs tender loving care. Read More

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Video: Tadge Juechter Talks About The C7 Z06 And 2016 CTS-V

We sat down with Corvette Lead Engineer Tadge Juechter to talk about the Z06 and the upcoming CTS-V. Check out our short, but sweet interview with the man behind it all. Read More


Video: MAVTV’s “Dream Ridez” Tours Country In Search Of Sweet Cars

Eric Saltrick is a man who may have just landed one of the best gigs in hot rodding. Hosting the new MAVTV show "Dream Ridez", Saltrick has gotten to tour the US in search of cars and owners with unique twists. Read More

56 CHRY 4

Video: eBay Find – 1956 Dual Quad Hemi Imperial Crown Coupe

Big,winged Exner sleds are cool and here's a doozy. Originally pink with a dual quad Hemi and factory air, we say restore back to original color and check your manhood at the door or make it your gals new driver. Read More


Mechanics Behaving Badly: C7 With Issues Gets Taken For A Joy Ride

RK Chevy in Vineland, New Jersey has some 'splaining to do after a customer's C7 was recorded reaching speeds over 100 mph on public roads. How much do you trust YOUR dealership with your Vette now? Read More

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The New Tesla P85D Challenges a C7 Stingray at Their Local Strip

Watch as this Tesla gives the C7 Stingray a run for the money down the quarter-mile drag strip. While the Tesla is no Corvette, it may show that there is future potential in electric motor technology after all. Read More


Video: C7 Z06 Packs A Bigger Punch Under The Hood Thanks To LMR

Late Model Racecraft took a C7 Z06 to the next level performance-wise, and then strapped it on a dyno to see what sort of gains they made. 50 HP? 80 HP? 100HP? More?? Click on to see for yourself! Read More


Video: 200+MPH Hellcat Charger – Fastest Sedan On The Planet

These are the good old days people. We've reached a milestone where your local Mopar dealer sells a 200 MPH car. Golden Age of Muscle is NOW. Thanks to the true believers at FCA that made the Hellcat happen. Read More


QA1 Launches Custom Mount 4-Way Adjustable Shock Absorbers

New from QA1, this 4-way adjustable shock features independent rebound and compression adjustments at both low and high shock speeds. Check it out! Read More


Pace Performance: Buy an LS9 or LSX454R, Get a $2,000 Rebate

If you're in the market for the ultimate turn-key street LS, or the pinnacle of drag racing LS power, Pace Performance has a deal for you. Read More


True or False? Did Z06 Break Nürburgring Record?

Did the Z06 really break the Nürburgring? Rumors are swirling it ran a sub-seven-second lap but no one has any proof and Chevy isn't endorsing any of it. We predict the Bow Tie guys will be back in Germany soon. Read More


Video: Classic Grudge Match Pits Viper TA Against C7 Corvette Z06

The most hardcore versions of two American sports car icons - the Dodge Viper and the Chevrolet Corvette - head to the drag strip to see which supercar is the new top dog in town. Read More


Video: Aussie’s Set Guinness Book World Record Burnout

In and epic display of the liquefying of rubber the Aussie's set Guinness Book World Record in a recent throw down of power meets the pavement at the annual Summernat's Festival held in Aussie Capitol Canberra. Read More

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Video: Technology Meets Performance With BAAM’s 3-D Printed Cobra

BAAM: Big Area Additive Manufacturing. Print parts for your car? BAAM. Strong as steel, half the weight, BAAM. 3-D print a Cobra roadster, BAAM. A revolution's coming folks, check it out. Read More


First Totaled Hellcat From December Now Showing Up On Auction Site

As we suspected back in December, the very first SRT Hellcat Challenger to get into a major accident has shown up on an insurance auction website. The sublime Hellcat is coming up for bid, they say that it starts. Read More

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Winter Still Presses On But Some Folks Just Couldn’t Wait For Spring

Many Corvettes end up parked indoors at the first signs of snow each year, but this C5 is providing some winter entertainment thanks do summer tires and a frozen parking lot. Read More

Ken Box2-3

Video: Ken Box Part Deaux – Crazy Cart Drift

Once more, the makers of Ken Box: Crazy Cart Gymkhana have done it again! For a good laugh and plenty of exciting driving, check out Ken Box 2 Crazy Cart Gymkhana, a Ken Block Gymkhana parody. Read More


What Is A Sleeper? We Ask The TV Car Show Experts For Their Opinions

What is a sleeper? The debate has been on for decades, and will continue for decades more. We decided to ask five TV experts what they think; you've seen them on the weekend shows, and here's that they have to say. Read More

Willys 1

eBay Find: A Rustic-Looking Pro Street ’48 Willys Panel Wagon

This eBay find -- a Pro Street 1948 Willys panel wagon -- looks like it's been sitting outside for 30 years, but in fact, it's a no expense-spared street machine. Read More