First Totaled Hellcat From December Now Showing Up Auction Site

As we suspected back in December, the very first SRT Hellcat Challenger to get into a major accident has shown up on an insurance auction website. The sublime Hellcat is coming up for bid, they say that it starts. Read More

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Winter Still Presses On But Some Folks Just Couldn’t Wait For Spring

Many Corvettes end up parked indoors at the first signs of snow each year, but this C5 is providing some winter entertainment thanks do summer tires and a frozen parking lot. Read More

Ken Box2-3

Video: Ken Box Part Deaux – Crazy Cart Drift

Once more, the makers of Ken Box: Crazy Cart Gymkhana have done it again! For a good laugh and plenty of exciting driving, check out Ken Box 2 Crazy Cart Gymkhana, a Ken Block Gymkhana parody. Read More


What Is A Sleeper? We Ask The TV Car Show Experts For Their Opinions

What is a sleeper? The debate has been on for decades, and will continue for decades more. We decided to ask five TV experts what they think; you've seen them on the weekend shows, and here's that they have to say. Read More

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eBay Find: A Rustic-Looking Pro Street ’48 Willys Panel Wagon

This eBay find -- a Pro Street 1948 Willys panel wagon -- looks like it's been sitting outside for 30 years, but in fact, it's a no expense-spared street machine. Read More


Camaro V6 Wins Kelly Blue Book Best Resale Value

The base 2015 Camaro RS with its 323 HP V6 engine makes 53 more than a 1979 Z/28. Add sub six-second zero to 60 times and 30 MPG and its easy to see why Kelly Blue Book rated it best resale value for a sporty car. Read More


1965 Shelby Super Snake Sells At Barrett-Jackson For Over $5 Million

Ultra rare twin-supercharged Shelby Cobra sells for over $5,000,000, but it's still a discount compared to its price just eight years ago. Maybe it's because the only other one built managed to fly off of a cliff? Read More


Baer Essentials: Installing A Budget-Minded Mustang Brake Upgrade

Mustang brakes have always left something to be desired, especially the base system. To get better braking without stretching our budget we turned to Baer for an Eradispeed upgrade on our '11 GT. Read More


We Install, Dyno, and Road Test Corsa’s C7 Exhaust and X-pipe!

Here are the installation steps for installing CORSA's X-pipe and Sport exhaust system, as well as our dyno testing results, and driving impressions so you can hear what the system truly sounds like on the road! Read More


UPDATED: Couple Buying Dream Mustang Murdered By Craigslist Con Man

Sad news of an elderly couple searching for their dream car, a classic Mustang, have disappeared. Their SUV has been found in a lake, as well as two unidentified bodies nearby. Another Craigslist story gone wrong. Read More


Cars In Barns Find: One Owner 340/Automatic 1971 ‘Cuda

Cool old '71 'Cuda spotted high and dry in a garage somewhere. Only 2008 340/Automatics were made in 1971 and this one looks nice. Owner says "Not for sale..." Boooo. Read More

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Stephen Vigoa Sets Stock Bottom End ZL1 Camaro Record

Stephen Vigoa rolled to a new record of 9.86 at 138 mph with his 4,200+ lb. Camaro ZL1 sporting the stock bottom end, transmission, and suspension setup. Read More


Creating The Red Beast: Dan Cook’s Mild-Looking Monster 2005 GTO

Some street cars either have big power or good looks, few have a high amount of both. Dan Cook's GTO may be stock appearing, but this car has brutal power and sophisticated manners. Read More


Video: Out Of Control Motorist Barrels Through Quick Car Wash

Out of control motorist in a moment of wigged out panic forgets they have a brake pedal and hammers down on gas through automated car wash. Taking flight in a sprint one employee attempts to save the day. Read More

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Video: F1-X-equipped C6 Corvette Puts Down 1,445 HP At The Wheels

1,000 horsepower is a lot to handle for anybody; how about 1,400+? Check out this video of an F1-X-equipped C6 Corvette put down massive amounts of power on the dyno. Read More

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Video: Redline Motorsports Supercharges The Z/28 Camaro

Check out the power gains that Redline Motorsports gets out of a Z/28 Camaro with their supercharger upgrade package. Adding a supercharger to a car that already performs this well is like mixing fire with fire. Read More


Lost But Not Forgotten: Classics Becoming Part Of Their Surrounding

One of our readers was driving down an old country road in Missouri and spotted some cars along the roadway. Before he knew it, there were dozens of classics slowing sinking into the ground. See the pics inside. Read More


An Inside Look At ROUSH/Ford Racing’s 2015 Mustang TVS Supercharger

The 2015 Mustang's debut has Ford Racing Performance Parts and Roush Performance teaming up to offer a TVS supercharger system for the car. We have inside information on its development. Read More


Flowmaster Launches Force II Cat-Back Exhausts For 2015 Challengers

Enhance power and sound for the 2015 Challenger R/T with the new cat-back exhaust system from Flowmaster. Made from stainless steel, it's a surefire way to get more out of your new muscle car. Check it out! Read More

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Video: Hennessey Lays Down a Pass With Their Hottest C7

This Stingray puts down an impressive 10.97 second quarter-mile, at over 131 mph and achieves a speed of 60 mph in a face-smearing 2.9 seconds. Read More