Redding Met DSC_0156_01

Chuck Redding’s Masterpiece, A Magnificent Metropolitan

Chuck Redding is well known as a premier rod builder, and is noted for his unique and different builds. This very pretty Orange and white Matropolitan may just be his masterpiece. Read More


Tech: Building A Bulletproof 427 LS With Manley To Make Big Power

Building a supercharged LS engine to make monster power and live in an everyday-driven scenario isn't as difficult as it may seem. Check out Hank Manley's machine inside! Read More


Guide To Cooling LS Swapped Vehicles From 300-1,000 Horsepower

Performing an LS Swap? You need to check out this guide. We get the low down from Be Cool on how to choose the correct radiator and fan module for your current or next LS swap project. Read More


Hands-On with Impact’s Accel Frontal Head Restraint

Join us for a closer look at the devices that are saving lives in racing these days, highlighted by Impact's new Accel frontal head restraint designed to make safety more comfortable. Read More


Bulletproof Flexplates And Choosing The Flexplate For You

Flexplates have advanced a great deal over the past 15 years. From an often-overlooked afterthought to a key component to consider when building your hot rod, the flexplate truly has evolved. Read More


Final Fifth-Gen Camaro Rolls Off Assembly Line As A ZL1

All good things must come to an end, as does production of the fifth-generation Camaro, with the final 2015 model rolling off the assembly line. This ZL1 will have a special home and a unique place in history. Read More

Hellcat Driveshaft Explosion 02

900 HP Hellcat Challenger Mutilates Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

It's not often you see a car shred a carbon fiber driveshaft, but apparently this Hellcat was up to the task. Check out this video to see the fastest Hellcat in the world's drivetrain shatter right underneath it. Read More


Keeping Your Hot Rod Safe

It seems like hot rod theft is on the rise or at least the media is doing more to cover these tales of woe. However, there are things that owners can do to protect their labor of love. Read More


Warehouse Fire Destroys Several Packards

A warehouse used to store artifacts for America's Packard Museum in Harrison Township, Ohio, was devastated by fire. Read More


Russian Rat Rod Gives New Life To Old VAZ

Rat rod culture has become so prevalent that even fans in Russia are taking plain jane Soviet-era vehicles and converting them into the genuine article. Read More


Kickstarter Project Hopes To Catalog The Classic Cars of Cuba

Award-winning car photographer Piotr Degler has launched a Kickstarter campaign in support of his new book highlighting the cars of Cuba. Read More


Art Fitzpatrick, Famous Automotive Ad Artist, Passes Away At 96

Famous automotive artists Art Fitzpatrick, who created some of the most iconic car images of the 1960s, has passed away at age 96. Read More


Fiesta Tuners Bojix Build This Clean ’15 EcoBoost Mustang

The guys over at Bojix Design, which is a company best known for catering to the Focus ST and Fiesta ST enthusiasts, take on the latest performance car to receive the EcoBoost variant and build a badass '15 Mustang. Read More


Want To Build Your Own Voodoo Engine? Now’s Your Chance!

With the first Shelby GT350s barely beginning to be delivered, we're already getting wind that the Shelby's Voodoo V8 will be available to piece together from Ford. Who will be the first to build and swap one? Read More


Video: Final Episode Of The Focus RS Documentary Lands

The eighth and final episode of the Ford Focus RS documentary, Rebirth of an Icon, has finally landed. What did it take to give the fastest Focus ever produced the green light for production from Ford executives? Read More


Video: New Info On The Ford GT Emerges From Leno’s Garage

The new Ford GT swung by Jay Leno's Garage, revealing some new features and information about the 600+ horsepower supercar. Read More


Student Teams Submit Plans For 2016 Camaro Hybrid

16 teams of college students have submitted plans for taking a 2016 Camaro and turning it into a fuel-sipping machine. Could you get behind a hybrid Camaro if it meant better performance and fuel economy? Read More


1966 Lincoln Continental “Flower Car” Is More Like A Truck

The Lincoln Continental is one of the most iconic cars of the 1960s, but this Continental-Ranchero hybrid is a real headscratcher. Read More


NSRA Southeast Street Rod Nationals: Classic Iron At Its Finest

The NSRA finished their 2015 season on the fairgrounds in Tampa, Florida, with the Southeast Street Rod Nationals,1300 vintage and classic vehicles were on display, nearly 100 acres of classic iron for all to enjoy Read More


Larry Larson Blasts Into 5.80’s In SCSN Vegas Pre-Race Testing

Larry Larson made the trip the the Street Car Super Nationals with his wicked twin turbo S-10. The Drag Week legend uncorked the quickest pass ever by a street legal car in pre-race testing on Wednesday. Read More

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