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SRT Engineer Explains How Hellcat Hemi Pulls 707 Horsepower

Just how did the Challenger SRT squeeze 707 horsepower out of a 6.2-liter Hemi engine? We asked that very question to the car's chief engineer, Gregg Black. Check out his answers! Read More

1970 Plymouth Superbird barn find rear

“Joe Dirt” Like Superbird still Fetches $45,000 Price Tag

While she may have been given the "Joe Dirt Treatment" from Mother Nature this Plymouth Superbird this has a price tag of $45,000? Is that a little high for a not running and rusty car? Read More


Project BlownZ 275 Drag Radial Project Update: 2014 Edition

After a stellar 2013, we're well underway with the 25.3 2014 re-build of Project BlownZ, and a new year means a fresh new slate of tech updates to the quickest and fastest project car ever. Read More


Video: Facts & Figures With The Hellcat Hemi: Ain’t Jealousy A Bitch

Hellcat this, Hellcat that. It's enough to make a blue oval or bowtie fan cringe with animosity. But instead of crying foul and hurling insults, we should embrace the fact that the horsepower wars are on again! Read More


Video: Measuring Piston Rings With MAHLE Motorsports

Check out this quick tech video with Bill McKnight of MAHLE Motorsports on how to measure the critical dimensions of your piston rings when it's time for replacement. Read More

Edlebrock Top It Off Thumb

Fuel Up With Edelbrock’s “Top It Off” Carburetor Promo

Edelbrock is running a promotion until the end of October, 2014 on Performer and Thunder AVS carburetors. Buy one and get some induction accessories and a t-shirt for free! Read More


Rainman’s 1949 Buick Roadmaster For Sale

This Buick Roadmaster starred in the movie "Rainman" and was once a part of the famed Pond collection. It will be offered for sale on August 2, 2014 at Auctions America in California. Read More


Video: Escalade Gets Repossessed, Driver Trashes It

It's a scorched earth tactic - if she can't have her Escalade, then she's gonna wreck that isht... Read More


Video: UMI Performance’s “Green Machine” In Action

When you think of a Pro-Touring car, most likely an image of a green 1979 Monte Carlo doesn't pop into your head. That's the car that UMI Performance picked for their track car. Watch the video of this Monte Carlo! Read More


A Forty One Year Commitment to a 1970 Dodge Challenger

With commitment and values falling by the wasted side, a forty one year commitment made to a 1970 Dodge Challenger by a couple that has stood the test of time. Through this special ride they teach family values. Read More


Brutal In Blue: Precision Machines Builds One Bad Fastback

The team at Precision Machines in Lodi California built this beautiful '66 Fastback for a customer with the best of everything. PM owner Kevin Sittner bought it back just a few years later. Read More


Hurst Performance’s New Dazzler Wheels Updated With Modern Styling

Check out the sweet new Dazzler wheel design from Hurst Performance - it offers classic styling touches and is designed to work with modern fitments. Read More


Musclecar Nightmare: A Stolen Car Is Found, Owner Can’t Reclaim It

What would you do if your stolen car was found, but the police told you that you can't have it back because the theft happened too long ago? Check out what happened to this couple from Portland. Read More


Flowmaster Videos Let You Listen Before You Buy

Flowmaster has a whole YouTube channel loaded with videos like this, to help you decide if their system is right for you before laying down the dough. Read More


Video: Is Driving in Asia Different Than Driving In Russia?

There is no shortage of car crash videos taken from the dash cams of Russian drivers but we found a new twist on dash cams - Asian-style! Are Russian car crashes better than Asian car crashes? Watch this video. Read More

68 camaro1

1968 Father and Son Camaro Build

A '68 Camaro brings father in son together in a 21 year project build. A great American past time, the father and son memories forever captured through the weekend project build Read More


Chevrolet Performance Parts ZL1 Camaro Rearend Upgrade

We Install Chevrolet Performance's Camaro ZL1 HD Driveline Kit into our Camaro SS to put power to the ground under the harshest conditions. Read More


Koul Tools Simplifies Installation of Hose Fittings

Plumbing a performance vehicle can be a serious pain in the fingertips. Thanks to the guys at Koul Tools you can say goodbye to the band-aids! Read More


Crane Cams Offers High-End Hydraulic Roller Camshafts

Raise your hand if you want improved valvetrain reliability and performance for your older engine! If yours is up, It's time to check out the Crane Cams hydraulic roller camshaft lineup at Summit Racing. Read More


Richard Rawlings Takes ‘Hellcat’ SRT Challenger For A Pass In Denver

Television star Richard Rawlings took the buzzed-about new SRT 'Hellcat' Dodge Challenger for a spin at the NHRA's Mile-High Nationals over the weekend, turning a low 12-second elapsed time and boiling some tires. Read More