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Video: 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Price Announced: $63,995

The Challenger SRT Hellcat held the title of most powerful musclecar, and quickest musclecar, for a very short time. Then the Charger SRT Hellcat was introduced, and it was even faster. Now the pricing is revealed. Read More


BMR Non-Adjustable Rear Suspension Kit for ’82-02 GM F-Bodies

Your 1982-02 GM F-body can steer better, launch harder and have more consistent overall handling with this BMR Suspension rear lower control arm and Panhard rod kit. Easily put the power to the ground with this kit. Read More


Video: Brenspeed Does A Hands On Review Of The ’15 Mustang GT

Brenspeed owner Brent White gets behind the wheel of the shop's all new 2015 Mustang GT Performance Pack and gives an honest review. Find out what he likes and what's getting changed right away in this video. Read More


Video: 1947 Plymouth Special Deluxe Motivated By A Viper Powerplant

One of our favorite auto video bloggers found a unique custom build. How's a vintage Plymouth Deluxe Special powered by a Dodge Viper V10 sound to you? Check it out here. Read More

Screen Shot 1965

Video: Strangers Restore Iraq War Veteran’s 1965 Mustang As Surprise

Kelly Foster, an Iraq War veteran, caught the attention of 35 strangers who secretly spent $20,000 to restore his pride and joy, a 1965 Ford Mustang as a way of saying thanks to someone who served our country. Read More


Mark Carlyle Claims LSX Drag Radial Title With Billet Specialties

Rolling on Billet Specialties' sleek Street Lite wheels, Mark Carlyle rolled to the LSX Drag Radial title in 2014, thanks to a pair of wins on the year in his twin-turbocharged Corvette. Read More


Video: BMR Suspension Kicks Off 15 Mustang Project By Setting Record

BMR Suspension sets a new quarter-mile ET record for a stock Mustang GT, with their first in-house 2015 Mustang GT. The company is wasting no time in jump-starting their S550 parts development program. Read More

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Chevrolet Reveals a Number of SEMA Concept Cars

The annual SEMA Show is a place to experience new ideas, components and cars like the list of concept cars already released by Chevrolet. Check out what to expect inside! Read More

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A Free ’34 Ford Coupe Is Too Good To Be True, Too Good

Check out this awesome '34 Ford Coupe, built by Michael Behrendt -- if you can believe it, the shell was free! Read More


New World Record Set For Largest Amount of Classic Cars On A Cruise

The world record for the largest parade of classic cars has been set in Mexico City. Check out some screenshots from the video we found of the event, along with the video itself! Read More


$2 Million Blaze Destroys Seventy Vintage Cadillacs And Classic Cars

Farm blaze ignites and destroys thirty year vintage car collection. Under investigation from local authorities and ATF, cause still undetermined. Over two million dollars in damage to dozens of collectible rides. Read More


Video: 1,400 Horsepower Aussie Pontiac on the Dyno

Owner Graham Harrison's Pontiac, sporting twin Garrett GTX42 turbochargers, does 1,417 horsepower to the tires in the video, besting 20 other cars tested that day. Read More


Massive Collection Of “Junkyard” Classics Found In South Carolina

If you are in the market for a project car, you might have just stumbled on the listing of your dreams. A massive collection of classic cars has been found in South Carolina. Read More


Video: MAHLE Talks – Markings On Engine Bearings

Ever wonder what all those markings on the back of Clevite engine bearings mean? Watch this video as Bill McKnight, engine bearing guru at MAHLE-Clevite, explains all the stamped markings. Read More


eBay Find: 9 Second Turn-Key Camaro – Why Won’t This Bargain Sell?

Finding no buyers at an asking price of just $12k, does this eBay Camaro represent everything that's wrong with the used race car market in terms of pricing? Read More


Video: Chevelle Goes Wheels Up and Oil Pan Down

Watch this 8-second Chevelle on nitrous bring the front end up and slam it on the ground, cracking the oil pan. Read More

Cougar 3

Classic Mercury Cougar Just Rotting Away – Is It Worth Saving?

It's a common thing nowadays to see a classic car left to rot away in the elements or stowed away in some shed or garage somewhere. This classic Mercury Cougar has potential for former glory. Read More


Video: Comparing The Hellcats – Charger SRT Versus Challenger SRT

In the battle of the Hellcats, the Dodge SRT Charger Hellcat supposedly shows the SRT Challenger Hellcat who is boss in the quarter-mile. Read More


Solving Power Steering Problems With Lucas’ Power Steering Fluid

Lucas Oil Products has more than just engine oil. We experienced some power steering fluid problems last year, and solved them with Lucas' Power Steering Fluid with Conditioners - great for high performance driving. Read More

1966 Chevy II pro touring

Video: This blown LS2 Powered 1966 Chevy II Wows Crowd at Goodguy’s

This 1966 Chevy II proves that style is just as important as speed. It combines rugged sexy looks with a supercharged mill and a set up designed for the autocross track, all making it a winning combination. Read More