eBay Find: 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass El Camino

What do you get when you cross an Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme with an El Camino? This completely unique muscle car that only came about because of bad luck. Read More


Hearing Postponed On Pre-1981 Vehicle Emission Inspection Exemption

Smog testing is a nuisance to many gearheads. SB 1239 would alleviate some of that stress by extending the inspection exemption through 1980 vehicles. But there's a catch, and the hearing has been postponed. Read More

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Five Crate Engine Choices To Save You Time And Money

Is your ride in need of an engine? If you're not interested in looking for a rebuildable core, finding someone to rebuild it, and then waiting for it, you have an option. Actually, five of them. Find out more. Read More


Plans This Weekend? Check Out Factory Five Show In Huntington Beach

The 9th Annual Huntington Beach Cruise-In is happening again this Saturday, April 30th. If you're in the area, you might want to come on down to Main Street and check out all the cool Factory Five builds. Read More


Tech: Correct Alternator V-Belt Engagement With Powermaster

Regardless if your alternator is brand-new or 30 years old, there are many indications pointing to the effectiveness of your alternator charging system. Read Powermaster's best practices for maintaining it. Read More


Mecum Auctioning The Offbeat “Whiskey Bent” Sweptline For 6 Figures

In this day and age, if you want to capture attention then you have to break the mould. The "Whiskey Bent" D200 has garnered loads of attention for doing just that, and now it's ready to change hands at Mecum. Read More


High Tech and Lightweight Stereo With Clarion

12 pounds and a few square feet was worth the real estate was worth it to make sure we had a functioning stereo in our Factory Five project. Check out the details inside. Read More


Video: Superformance Daytona Coupe And GT40 – Driving Impressions

Not many of us will ever get to know what it's actually like to drive a classic Shelby race car, but Superformance's cars can get us pretty close. Check out Matt Farah's take on two of their Shelbys. Read More

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Babe Of The Month: Sitting Down With The Lively, Bubbly Dani Medin

Taking time out of her busy schedule, we were able to chat with the stunning and witty Dani Medin. Click here to learn more about Dani, which stretches from her lifestyle to what makes her day. Read More


1967 Shelby GT500 Found Rotting In Georgia Field

There are few things sadder in the car enthusiast hobby than a neglected classic, and this rotted wreck of a '67 Shelby GT500 is borderline depressing. Read More


1950 Buick Roadmaster Is More Like A Towmaster

It may be cliche to say that they don't make cars like they used to, but this Buick Roadmaster converted into a tow truck is proof that the cliche is true. Read More


Choose Your Quadrajet: Number Identification Guide

When doing a restoration, choosing to use the correct parts can mean doing it correctly, not just getting it done. The Quadrajet carburetor has been used for decades, and we show you how to identify each variation. Read More


Watson’s StreetWorks Introduces New Trilogy Remote Start System

Watson's StreetWorks new Trilogy Remote Start and RFID Security Package provides 3 levels of security to give you piece of mind when your classic car or street rod is left unattended. Check it out here! Read More


Add Your LS-Powered Vehicle To MSD’s Facebook Page

LS power is fitted to all kinds of great cars on MSD's Facebook page. Take a look and you will see Chevelles, Novas, several trucks and even a '69 Barracuda sure to throw a wrench into the minds of the Mopar guys. Read More


Dakota Digital Has Classic Mopar Owners Covered With VHX Gauge Sets

Mopar owners aren't left out in the cold when it comes to cool interior accessories from Dakota Digital. The VHX Series direct-fit instrumentation is now available for 1968-1970 B-body and 1970-1974 E-body Mopars. Read More


Barn Find: A 1941 Chevy Business Coupe On Its Last Legs

Sitting in a barn for over 50 years, this rusty old relic needs a few things done to bring it back to glory. Click here to check out this steel 1941 Chevy Business Coupe that is a steal. Read More


$70,000 Worth Of SRT Wheels Stolen From Dodge Dealer

A band of thieves in Michigan absconded with an estimated $70,000 worth of wheels from various SRT vehicles, including four Challenger Hellcats. Read More


Finding Positive Reinforcement With McLeod’s Racing Clutch

Mike Heintz had a vision for his Mustang Boss 302, a perfect blend of street manners and track capability that could hit above its weight class. A new McLeod racing clutch is the next component this car needs. Read More


Video: A Custom 2JZ-Powered 1931 Ford Model A Rat Rod

Cut from a different grain, this Ford Model A has been taken to a whole different level. Click here to check out this custom Ford and what makes it unique. Is it a rat rod or something else? You be the judge. Read More


This ’61 Impala Helped Len Evans Capture His Dream

It took Len Evans 40 years to finally get the car of his dreams. This '61 bubbletop Impala is the perfect realization of good things come to those who wait. Check out this phenomenally-cool cruiser. Read More