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Get Up To A $750 Rebate From Pace Performance On GM Crate Engines

Get the LS engine of your dreams from Pace Performance with up to a $750 rebate–what's better than getting money back? Read More


Just Because You Have A Truck, Doesn’t Mean It Has To Ride Like One!

If you have a 1963-1972 Chevy C10 truck that rides like a stage coach, check out this new bolt-on solution to get it riding smooth as can be! Read More


Challenger Owner Angers Neighbors With Traffic Cones

The owner of this Dodge Challenger feels entitled to his very own parking space, enough to reserve his own space by using traffic cones. Needless to say, neighbors aren't happy. Read More

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Video: Bob Seger’s “Detroit Made”

Check out Bob Seger's latest hit, "Detroit Made." A great song about classic American iron and the city that gave birth to the automobile! Read More


Locked And Loaded: Ring Brothers To Debut Recoil Chevelle At SEMA

The Ring Brothers are heading back to the Royal Purple booth again this year at SEMA with a 1966 Chevelle that packs a punch. Check out some teaser pictures of "Recoil", a supercharged beast with massive power. Read More


Mustang Crashes And Rolls At Texas Strip…With Girlfriend Aboard

Watch as this Ford Mustang Cobra 'Terminator' breaks a tie rod during a pass at the Caprock Motorplex in Texas, sending it into the wall and upside down...with the drivers' significant other riding shotgun. Read More


Chris Tetzlaff’s 1963 Chevy Impala SS

This red-hot Impala from the south is cooler than a northern winter. We caught up with the owner of this sweet '63 and snapped away for you. Check out the full feature inside, you won't want to miss it! Read More


Save 10-15 Percent Through End Of October With Moser Engineering

Moser Engineering puts their products to the test at the track to make sure their quality can get them across the finish line. Now through the end of October 2014, they're putting that quality on sale. Check it out. Read More


Video: Generation Gap Asks You Which Firebird is Better- ’68 or LTA

There's no denying that both the classic first-generation Firebird and the modern fifth-generation Lingenfelter LTA concept car play a vital roll in the automotive scene. But which one is better? Read More


Video: Checking Out A Super Clean ’62 Chevrolet “Bubble Top” Impala

Video blogger ScottieD found a super clean, but highly custom, 1962 "Bubble Top" Impala at the Pigeon Forge rod run. Best part of this street rod: It hits over 1,000 horsepower and sits on a NASCAR suspension. Read More


Centerforce to Debut CR Supercars’ ’68 “Villain” Mustang at SEMA

Classic Mustangs are awesome but they're even better when one of the industry's latest custom car creators builds one to be one heck of a modern monster! That's exactly the case with this Centerforce-equipped Stang! Read More


When You Can’t Replace Interior Trim – Refinish It With ColorBond

Reupholstering your interior can be expensive, especially if you want a complete color change. A more affordable solution is available from ColorBond paint for refinishing vinyl, leather and plastic trim and panels. Read More


Video: Vintage Built ’32 Ford Went 200mph In 1960 And Still Drives

A 1932 Ford that was originally built in the late 40s to run the salt flats of Bonneville hit 200mph in 1960 and is still set up just like it was back then with a Chrysler HEMI. Check it out! Read More


Goodguys Honors Amazing Pontiac With Custom Rod Of The Year Award

When Goodguys announces their Custom Rod of the Year award, you expect the car that gets it to be one stellar vehicle. But for this year's award, the fine folks at Goodguys chose a car that went beyond expectations! Read More


Video: Nitrous ’67 Mustang vs Twin Turbo Camaro Street Race Goes Bad

There's a reason why we always ay "don't try this at home" when we show you a street racing video. The guy driving this '67 Mustang finds out why, when things go terribly wrong towards the end of the race. Read More


Ford GTs Sweep The Top Three Selling Vehicles At Mecum Chicago 2014

Recently at the 2014 Chicago Mecum Auction, it could be said that Ford ended up walking away with the gold, silver, and bronze, as they ended up having the top three cars of the auction. Read More

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Video: Christan Van Lewen’s 2010 Camaro Fallen Angels… Is For Sale

Looking for a fifth-gen, the likes of which have never been seen before? Then Christan Van Lewen’s 2010 Camaro SS Fallen Angels might just be for you. Read More


Help Wanted: Fabberge Seeks Vehicles To Use For Testing New Products

Fabberge is eager to get going on drivetrain components for several late model Corvettes and Camaros, and the company needs your help. Test vehicles are needed to develop new products, and you can participate. Read More

Trans Am

Dying A Slow Death – Owner Won’t Sell Neglected ’74 Trans Am SD-455

This classic 1974 Trans Am SD-455 has been sitting as a lawn ornament since the 1980s, and according to CarsinBarns, the owner won't budge. Three words: Not For Sale. Sentiments aside, it needs some serious TLC! Read More


Video: 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Price Announced: $63,995

The Challenger SRT Hellcat held the title of most powerful musclecar, and quickest musclecar, for a very short time. Then the Charger SRT Hellcat was introduced, and it was even faster. Now the pricing is revealed. Read More