Video: LS2-Powered All-Wheel Drive Cutlass Is a Burnout Monster

You might not think of an early 80s Cutlass as the ideal weapon for burnouts, but when it's powered by a blown Lingerfelter LS motor and sends the grunt to all four corners, it's a recipe for utter tire destruction. Read More

Race Wax-100

Product Review: Driven’s Race Wax Cleans and Protects Your Ride

We take a look at Driven Racing's Race Wax to find out why an oil company is making a car detailing spray. We also put Race Wax to the test to see if how well it removes bugs, road dirt, and grime from our car Read More

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Video: Aussies Show How To Do A Proper Burnout In A Blown Commodore

There's just something about seeing a muscle car burn the tires off that just gets our blood pumping. Well this isn't quite a muscle car, although the blown V8 under this '79 Commodore could sure pass off in one! Read More


Video: Proof Just How Tough “No Prep” Racing Really Is

Close calls don't get much closer than this - check out the on-board videos from both cars as two mega-horsepower Firebirds almost trade paint... Read More

Toyo Ford Mustang_Proxes4Plus-1

Toyo Tires: Buy ‘em, Love ‘em, or Bring ‘em Back 45-Day Trial Offer

How many products can you buy, try, and if you don't love it, you can bring it back within 45 days? We would bet you can't think of a single one. Well, Toyo Tires has a sweet deal you should check out right now! Read More


JBA Headers Power Up This Sixth-Gen Dodge Charger

With a set of JBA Performance headers you can get more power out of your musclecar. See how we did it with a 5.7-liter Hemi V8-powered Dodge Charger. Read More


Spotted In The Shop: LG Motorsports’ C7 Is Getting Some Big Upgrades

LG Motorsports is doing it yet again, making Corvettes go from bone stock to ready to rock. This new Stingray went for a treatment involving headers, methanol, supercharging, and more. Check out the dyno results! Read More

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Tesla P85D Gets Higher Top Speed, Quicker 0-60 From Software Update

The dual motor Model S gets a host of new functionality through its latest over-the-air firmware update, and among them is a new higher top speed and a faster sprint to 60 mph. The updates are free to all owners. Read More


The Car and The Candidate: “Ridin’ With Biden” Poster Goes Viral

It's getting to be election season here in the ole US of A, and you know what that means: political ads! Here's one that aligns with Corvette culture but mixes it with Vice President Joe Biden. Wait, what?! Read More


Video: First E85 Conversion On Hellcat Produces Over 800hp

You would think that 707hp would be enough for pretty much everyone, but we knew it wouldn’t be long before tuners across the nation started breaking into the the untapped potential of the Hellcat Challenger. Read More

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Video: Jay Leno Drives The ’48 Buick Known As Derelict

In the latest installment of Jay Leno's Garage, we watched as he drove something a bit different. Leno got to unleash the now famous Corvette ZR1-powered ICON Derelict '48 Buick on the open streets. Read More


Dakota Digital: More Than Just A Pretty Face And Instrumentation

Dakota Digital is known for cool instrumentation in both digital and analog displays, but did you know that they also provide LED tail lamps, linear actuators, and cruise control? That's just the tip of the iceberg. Read More

GM suit

General Motors Affected Greatly By Current Ignition Switch Lawsuit

As General Motors continues to sift through the fire, their latest lawsuit involves the fatalities and serious injuries caused by a faulty ignition switch they installed in millions of GM vehicles. Read More


William Shatner’s LSA-powered Rivet One Trike Will Be Produced

Yes, you read the headline right. William Shatner started a company to produce this motorcycle/trike, and he even co-designed it. It will, in fact, be powered by a supercharged LSA engine. Read More

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Cut Up Corvette Could Fetch Over One Million Dollars

Wanna own a cut up Corvette? Now's your Chance. It might only cost you a cool Million! Read More


Goodguys Giving Away 2015 Mustang EcoBoost This year

The 2015 Mustang is a hot car, and this year Goodguys will give one way to one lucky winner. There are two ways to enter, and we've got the details right here. Read More


We Put Be Cool Radiators Through The Ultimate Test: The Race Track

Track testing will tell you one of two things: Success or Failure. We waited until after the first race session to install our new Be Cool radiator to see if it would drop our on-track temperatures. Find out here. Read More

745 1

If You Ever Wanted an LS-swapped 2002 BMW 745, This is For You

Is putting a Chevrolet V8 the answer to BMW reliability problems? Probably not, but this swap is very creative and even uses a GM truck gauge cluster. Take a look for yourself. Read More


Video: A Look At Maximus, The Bare Metal Dodge Charger Of Furious 7

With Furious 7 smashing the box office, we take a look at one of the hero cars from the film. Driven by Dominic Toretto, we take a deeper look at Maximus, a bare metal 1968 Dodge Charger that is fast and furious. Read More


UMI Launches Rear Shock Tower Brace For The 1978-88 GM G-Body

UMI Performance has released a new G-body rear shock tower brace with hardware included for easy, do-it-yourself, bolt-on installation. The braces are powder coated for a long lasting finish. Check 'em out! Read More