Heidts: Free Shipping On Selected Suspension Systems Through April

During the entire month of April, 2015, Heidts is offering free shipping on selected suspension systems for the front or rear of your custom build. This includes 4-link rear, and Superide and Mustang II IFS systems. Read More


Video: How Turbochargers Work Shown In A Simple Animation From Mahle

Ever wondered just how a turbocharger turns exhaust energy into horsepower? Check out this quick video from Mahle Afternarket that shows the process with simple, easy to understand visual assistance. Read More


Video: The Cars From The Fast And The Furious At Detroit Autorama

With Furious 7 just around the corner, the Detroit Autorama paid tribute to the iconic cars from the first installment of the mega movie franchise. Featuring the cars used in the first film, we take a closer look. Read More


Video: Corvette’s PDR System Helps Arrest Corvette Street Racers

Check out this video of three Corvettes in side-by-side street racing action–as they get nailed! Read More


Red GT350 Spotted Outside Gives Us A Closer Look At The Halo Mustang

There' still a lot we don't know about the upcoming GT350, much of which is still a carefully guarded secret by Ford. While we've had a chance to see the Voodoo engine, we haven't yet seen under the hood of the car. Read More


Video: Wrecking Yard Series Shows That Cool Cars Are Still Out There

We might not always get the opportunity to get out and visit a wrecking yard that has a bunch of classic musclecars, so this video series brings them to us through YouTube. How man of these cars would you save? Read More


Video: Man Uses Camaro to Pull Kid’s Tooth, Because Florida

It's exactly what it sounds like. Instead of the traditional doorknob, this dad uses the stump-pulling torque of his Camaro SS to yank his son's loose tooth. Surprisingly, all goes well... Read More

Joe Charles

Racer Roundup: Testing for NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals Last Week

To make sure their programs are right going into the second NMRA race of 2015, racers take to assorted drag strips across the nation to look for lower elapsed times, and to eliminate issues suffered at Bradenton. Read More


BREAKING NEWS: Chrysler Gives Green Light To 300C SRT Hellcat

We predicted it and now we have word that the dream may soon be a reality. But hold onto your seats, because there really is a catch to this and perhaps 300C fans have spoken loud enough for them to listen. Or not. Read More


Drive a 2015 Chevrolet Z06 Corvette NOW!

Forget about going to the Las Vegas Casinos! Go drive a new Z06 Corvette on a race track and get the experience of a lifetime. Read More

Lincoln Continental Concept

Video: 2016 RWD Lincoln Concept – Commander Cody Your Car is Ready

After years of starving the Lincoln division, Ford has finally committed to reviving the legendary make. A very solid effort to be sure but does this car, with little Continental DNA, have the right stuff? Read More


Wait, What? Corvette Head Honcho Says “No Mid-Engine Vette Exists”

Oh boy, not this again. After decades of lusting for a mid-engine Vette, it looks like the rug got pulled out from under us one more time. Corvette honcho says "No such car exists." Or is he playing dumb? Read More


Video: Legal Street Racing At TX2K15’s Dig Night

Organizers of the wildly popular TX2K event in Texas once again held Dig Night, featuring real street racing for cash on a closed, police-observed road in urban Houston. Read More


Interview With Edelbrock On All-New Dual-Quad Gen II HEMI Intake

Edelbrock has designed a new, dual-quad intake for your Gen II HEMI that can increase its power. Check out our interview with Edelbrock's resident Mopar guy, August Cederstrand, inside. Read More

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

Dodge Opens Up The Taps – 1000 More Hellcats Added To Assembly Line

Dodge bumps up production schedules to accommodate the massive hit they have on their hands with the Challenger and Charger Hellcat models. But with almost 7000 orders outstanding, is it enough? Read More


Video: Bespoke Supercharged LS Track Toy Climbs Mt. Alma

If you could build any track car you wanted, it might look something like this. Lightweight chassis, big tires, swoopy bodywork, and a big, thumpin' blown LS! Read More

RK Motors Plug-2

Video: Why You Should Buy Your Next Musclecar From RK Motors

Even if you are elbow deep in a car right now, you are always thinking about your next one. That's just how the mind of a musclecar fan works. We found a premier source for that next car that you should check out. Read More


The 2016 Camaro Does More With Less – A Lot Less

Today, Chevrolet dropped another sixth-gen Camaro teaser, which means we're another day closer to the debut on May 16th. Read More


Maryland Classic Cars Under Attack!

If you Live in the state of Maryland, your classic car might be under attack! Learn more about how you can help inside. Read More

1968 Chevy Impala london impound

1968 Chevy Impala is Stolen in Idaho and Ends up in London?!?

Somehow a 1968 Chevy Impala was stolen from Idaho and ended up over 4,000 miles away in London, Great Britain. How it got there remains a mystery. Read More