Dobbertin’s Nova Up For Sale at September Barrett-Jackson Vegas

Step inside and take a quick look at a piece of hot-rodding history. Rick Dobbertin's Nova is considered by many to be the single-most influential and well-known Pro-Street custom car ever built, and you can own it! Read More


1962 Ford Mustang I Promo Video Is Where It All Began

The 1962 Ford Mustang I concept was wildly different from the Mustang Ford eventually built, as demonstrated in this early promo video. Check out the pictures, do you think this would have been a cool ride? Read More


Nelson Racing Engines Demos A 735 HP Big-Block

A big-block that only weights 500 pounds and puts out more than 730 horses and 600+ foot-pounds of torque? You bet your aluminum block and heads buster! If you're skeptical, check out the video here. Read More


Bendpak Helps Us Build Our New Secondary Shop Space

With our business growing rapidly, we needed more shop space to film and perform other tasks in. We teamed up with Bendpak and they got us all set up with new equipment. Check it out! Read More


Chassisworks Releases G-Connector Chassis Stiffening System

Chassisworks' new g-connector chassis stiffening system for GM and Ford/Mercury muscle cars improves chassis rigidity to increase handling and acceleration. Check it out here! Read More


Video: GM Firebird III Turbine Car Promo Is Retro-Futurism Defined

The 1958 Firebird III concept was the most advanced car on the planet, boasting cutting-edge tech like anti-lock brakes and a 225 horsepower turbine. Read More


Ford GT Global Production Limited To Just 250 Units?

The new Ford GT is set to go on sale next year, and a post on reddit from a supposed Ford dealer says that global production could be extremely limited. Read More


Shop Visit: Dakota Digital Opens Its Doors, Shows Us How It’s Done

We pay a visit to Dakota Digital to get an inside look at how they manufacture their instrument clusters and gauge sets. With hundreds of tiny components per set, there's a lot more going on than you'd think. Read More


This 1969 ZL1 Camaro Is Up For Auction

It's not very often that a rare 1969 Camaro ZL1 comes up for auction. Fortunately for one lucky person, this one of only 69 made can be yours. Find out how, right here. Read More


Video: Forgeline Wheels Give Stance To A Hellcat From Pfaff Tuning

Adding some width and girth to an already fat rear tire usually means a new wheel. Pfaff Tuning decided that the Forgeline VX3C-SL was the perfect wheel to complement an already incredible musclecar. Read More


The Corvette Online C1 Buyer’s Guide

Hey Vette fans, here's everything you wanted to know about 1953-1962 Corvettes. If you're in the market for one of these classic Corvettes, it's a good thing to know what your options are, and what to look for. Read More


FCA Reveals Dodge Barracuda Convertible, New Charger To Dealers

Fiat-Chrysler laid out plans for 30 new or refreshed products over the next two years, including a convertible Barracuda and a new Dodge Charger. Read More

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Model Cars for Giants?

Small scale models are fun but imagine a life size model car for grown ups. Take a look at this life-sized 1940 Ford model kit from the 47th annual Cavalcade of Wheels in Indiana back in 2007. We want one! Read More


Video: A Brief History Lesson From The “Cam Father” Ed Iskenderian

Ever wonder how SEMA started? Look no further as we sit down with the man who helped launch it all, the Cam Father Ed Iskenderian. Click here to check out the interview and Isky's vision of the automotive scene. Read More


Video: 1961 Chevy Bel Air

It's rare to find a four door that stands out in a crowd and merits a featured video. In this situation, the Apocalypse '61 Chevy Bel Air not only deserves it, it commands it. Take a video tour of the car here. Read More


2000 Lincoln LS Gets A 4.8 Liter V8 Swap And Plans For Autocross

What do you do when you buy a clapped out Lincoln LS with an even worse engine? LS swap it of course. This 2000 Lincoln LS was originally powered by a 3.0 liter DOHC V6 and came with a manual transmission. Read More


Danny Popp Is The Man To Beat At 2015 OUSCI In Las Vegas

Danny Popp will be defending his title, and racing his 2003 Z06 C5 Corvette in competition for his third OUSCI Championship in Las Vegas in November. Read More


Chuck Redding’s “MonzaRod” Really Cool At Any Speed

Chuck Redding wanted to build a hot rod, but not just another typical run-of-the-mill hot rod, he wanted something different, his "MonzaRod fits that description, but leaves one question, "How cool is this thing ?" Read More

Shelby GT350 Mustang Manual Transmission

Lighter, Better Six-Speed Manual The Only Option For Shelby GT350

With a redline above 8,000 rpm, the all new GT350 needed a manual transmission that is up to the task of handling both the engine's high output, and able to execute a manual transmission shift at high RPM. Read More


Video: Ken Block Tears Around Silverstone in the 845hp Hoonicorn

Ken Block's latest battle to destroy all tires takes him to the Silverstone Circuit in Northamptonshire, England, where he demonstrates how to obliterate a set of tires with his all-wheel drive '65 Mustang. Read More