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Video: Attempted Grilling with a 1,000 Horsepower Trans Am

As you can see in the video, the percussive effects of the two-step rev limiter thwarted attempts to actually cook either a hamburger patty or a hot dog successfully... Read More


Video: Hellcat Challenger Sells For $825,000 At Barrett-Jackson

Avid car collector Rick Hendrick is known for being a die-hard Chevrolet fan. However, when Dodge donated the 2015 Hellcat Challenger to Barrett Jackson, Hendrick couldn't help himself and set another record. Read More


Video: The Project Swinger Build Wrap Up For Our ’71 Nova Part II

Part 2 of our Project Swinger wrap up concludes the build with coverage of many of the components that were installed to make this car handle better, in order to prep it for the autocross. Read More

440 b

Rare Dodge 440 Buried Under Rubble

Recently found on a flood plain, an old 440 Dodge rusting away with original powerplant and transmission. A gonna fix it up someday project this owner refuses to part ways with this classic ride. Read More


Sultans Of Spark Adds Power To Our Coyote With New Coil Packs

Coyote ignition woes are a thing of the past with Performance Distributors' Sultans of Spark coil-packs for the 5.0L. We put them to the test on BAMA Performance's dyno! Read More


Safety Group Ask Federal Regulators To Investigate Soccer Mom Vans

The Center for Auto Safety is asking the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to open an investigation on 4.9 million Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles from 2007-2014. Read more about it here. Read More


Upgrading Biting The Bullitt’s Safety Equipment With Impact

Racing is about safety first, and before our Biting The Bullitt Mustang hits the track, we install new SFI-approved driver restraints and a parachute from Impact Racing, along with a new driving suit and helmet. Read More


Bob Osiecki’s Mad Dog IV, Chrysler Powered Speed Winner

Check out this winged speedster, when a supercharged version of the Chrysler 413 wedge engine combined with a Kurtis roadster to set a closed circuit speed world record at Daytona International Speedway. Read More


Clutches Explained: ACT, McLeod Racing, and SPEC Weigh In

For the performance enthusiast, there are many options in the clutch market. In this article, we spend some time with three of the biggest clutch manufacturers to find out what makes them different. Read More


New Photos Of The 2016 GTO, err, Camaro?

New photos have leaked of the 2016 Camaro! Does it look like a Camaro, or resemble the fourth generation GTO? Check out the photos inside and 'judge' for yourself! Read More


Sisco’s Fabrication Supercrew Silverado: A Preview Of What’s To Come

Sisco's Fabrication and Custom Bodywork is at it again! A few years back they brought us one of the baddest cars to hit the streets, now they are creating a truck that never was: a 1972 Chevrolet Supercrew! Read More


eBay Find: Classic Matching Numbers 1970 GTO Ram Air IV

A rare Pepper Green jewl has been spotted on Ebay. A 1970 Pontiac GTO Ram Air IV in immaculate condition awaits a new home. The seller isn't messing around with a "buy it now" price at nearly $140 grand! Read More


GTO-Powered 1963 Pontiac LeMans Sport

Collecting bids on eBay, this 1963 Pontiac Le Mans Sport is one sweet restomod. With a 6.0-liter LS2/LS3 hybrid, it has modern power powering that sleek, classic body with many more modern and old-school goodies. Read More


Build Spotlight: Fred Henson’s Texas Twister Mustang Cobra Jet

With a level of detail that could have it easily mistaken for a show car, MR2 has built Fred Henson an incredible Cobra Jet for NHRA Super Stock competition. The car stole the show in the pits at the US Nationals. Read More


Video: First Drag Tests Of Modified 2015 Mustang GT And EcoBoost

Less than a week after we got our first taste of the 2015 Mustang from the driver's seat, Ford Racing tempts us with an all new video taking the EcoBoost and Mustang GT into the 12s, 11s, and 10s at the drag strip. Read More


UMI Launches Front Coil Over Conversion Brackets for ’64-72 A-Bodies

UMI Performance is here to get your 1964-72 A-body up to snuff on the short course track. The company now offers weld-in front coilover brackets to outfit the platform for demanding laps around the track. Read More


1969 First Gen Camaro Awaits Sixteen Year Old As First Ride

1969 Camaro sitting under old carport for two years awaits re-birth at the hands of a sixteen year old. Is this a potential father son project? We can only hope this is why this beauty has been sitting for so long. Read More

Tibustang 640x427

Hyundai Tiburon Turned Ford Mustang = Tibustang-Ugliest Tribute Ever

Meet the Tibustang. It's a Hyundai Tiburon V6 Coupe, located in Seville, Spain, and it has been turned into a fifth-generation Ford Mustang replica with lots of love and bondo. Read More

2013 Cadillac Elmiraj Concept

Secret Weapon: New Cadillac Halo Model To Appear By 2016

Cadillac will drop the details about the forthcoming "C6" in the coming weeks, but until then, which would you rather see get put up for production: the Ciel, or the Elmiraj? Read More


We Drive The 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat: Who Says It Can’t Handle?

We took the Challenger SRT Hellcat out for a drive in the Malibu hills. We didn't get much seat time, but it was enough to be able to say that the Hellcat can handle the turns pretty damn well. Check out the video. Read More