Goodguys 18th Annual PPG Nationals Coverage

The Goodguys 18th Annual PPG Nationals in Columbus Ohio brings out the best street machines and custom cars from all over the United States. Check out all the hot action from the 2015 edition of this classic event. Read More

1964 Mercury Comet AFX

Video: Muscle Car of the Week 1964 Mercury Comet A/FX Drag Car

We were excited to find this rare 1964 Mercury Comet A/FX drag car. The Comet made its mark in Factory Experimental drag racing in the mid 1960s, where it pushed the envelope on the quarter mile. Read More


GM Files Trademark Application For “Manta Ray”, “Corvette Manta Ray”

GM has applied for the “Manta Ray” and “Corvette Manta Ray” trademarks. You have to go back more than 40 years to find those names in the GM lexicon. Read More


Caravaggio Puts His Brush to a C7 Z06 Convertible

Check out the wild, custom interior and somewhat more subtle performance mods that this C7 Corvette Z06 convertible is now cruising the streets with. Read More


FCA Hacking and Steering Scandals Lead To Massive Recalls, Buybacks

Fiat-Chrysler to recall more than 1.4 million vehicles built since late 2013 with the 8.4-inch Uconnect system, and buyback as many as 500,000 Ram trucks. Read More


Jeremy Clarkson Hints At New Show Currently Filming In The US

The former Top Gear hosts may be ready to make an announcement about a new show - one that is likely filming in America - very shortly, if recent comments by the trio are to be taken seriously. Would you watch it? Read More


Ford GT Baffles Londoners Who Mistake It For A European Exotic

Onlookers in London try to figure out exactly what car the new Ford GT is. The answers posed to this question are comical, confusing, and in some cases downright hilarious. Read More


Video: Doug Cline Mistakenly Stuffs Drag Week Camaro Into The Sand

During the recent Rocky Mountain Race Week event in Denver, Drag Week star Doug Cline misjudged his speed and accidentally ran his twin-turbo Camaro off into th sand trap, filling the turbos with sand and gravel. Read More


Bonneville Speed Week Canceled For Second Consecutive Year

This year's cancellation of the high speed event on the salt flats marks the second year in row that officials have been unable to find a usable patch of salt, but if conditions improve, they could return soon. Read More


Camaro Mounts Subaru In Awkward Accident At Hands Of Teen Driver

An 18-year old driver lost control of his 2010 Camaro, skidding up an embankment and getting airborne, landing right on top of an innocent, empty Subaru. Read More

GT350 Performance Shift Light Indicator

Shelby GT350 Gets Customizable Shift Light Inspired By Road Racing

The Shelby GT350 will come with a customizable Performance Shift Light indicator as a way to optimize performance without taking your eyes off the track. Its some very cool tech making its way to the Mustang. Read More

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 3.49.33 PMGR

Seller Offers To LS Swap Low Mileage ’69 Camaro If You’ll Pay $35k

While browsing Craigslist, we came across this gentlemen selling his 1969 Camaro with the original 350 engine and transmission with 33,000 original miles on it. For his asking price of $35,000 - he'll swap in a LS6. Read More


Moderation Is Key With This Chevy Malibu

Many cars are built with overkill in mind. They have 800+ horsepower and race-inspired parts. But this 1965 Malibu shows that moderation when choosing parts can give any enthusiast a reliable and impressive ride. Read More

1970 Mustang Boss 429 shell

We Don’t Think This 1970 Mustang Boss 429 Is Worth Six Figures

Mustang Boss 429s are among the fastest and rarest of all classic Mustangs. Normally these cars fetch six figures at auction, but we have strong reason to believe this one won't fetch that much. Read More

$_57 (1)

eBay Find: Collection Of Rare 427 SOHC Engine Parts And More

Looking for 427 SOHC Ford parts? Then you've found the right place to go--this eBay seller has an amazing assortment of hard-to-find parts for sale. Check it out! Read More

CPP Shock Tower Brace kit

CPP Introduces 1965-66 Ford Mustang Shock Tower Brace Kit

Classic Performance Products has released their new Shock Tower Brace Kit for 1965-66 Ford Mustangs that will strengthen and improve chassis rigidity and overall vehicle handling. Check it out here! Read More


Recall Lessons Learned By Fiat Chrysler, Fined $105 Million By NHTSA

In the wake of the largest number of recalls that we can remember, the NHTSA is not taking matters lightly. Record fines of over $100 million are being imposed on Fiat Chrysler for vehicle safety violations. Read More


Camaro Corral Is Back For 2015 Woodward Dream Cruise

The Camaro Corral is back for the second time at this year's Woodward Dream Cruise: but you'd better hurry, as spaces are limited to the first 150 Camaros that sign up. Read More


Deadly Droptop: The “MaliciouSS” Chevelle By The Roadster Shop

Baer disc brakes get this autocrossing Chevelle SS "MaliciouSS" in and out of tight turns. Check out the backstory on this beautiful black build from The Roadster Shop in Indiana. Read More


2015 Dodge Viper Strikes Its Best Pose For New Glamour Shots

The SRT Viper is dead, long live the Dodge Viper! Yup, the Viper is a Dodge again, and for 2015 it gets a lower price, new models, and more features. Will it bee enough to sustain the model for a few more years? Read More