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Trents Camaro

Car Club of the Month: Rippin’ Gears With Perfect Nemesis Car Club

The Rippin' Gears car shows have been a great success, raising money for The Palmer Home for Children. With awesome custom cars, trucks, and bikes the Perfect Nemisis car club in Mississippi is all about family. Read More


PRW Rocker Arms Buyer’s Guide – Tech Tips Included!

Valvetrain stability is critical in a performance engine, withr it's designed for street-style horsepower or heads-up racing. PRW offers some setup tips along with an overview of their products. Read More


10 Mile 35th Anniversary Camaro For Sale For Six Figures

We're not sure if you'd ever be able to find another with such low mileage, but that's an awfully hefty price tag for such an offering... Read More

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Video: In Hindsight, Should You Have Been Standing There?

This guy wasn't too smart with his filming technique and demonstrates the reason why you shouldn't stand near a car doing donuts. Read More


2014 Goodguys PPG Nationals Autocross Action From Columbus

The Goodguys PPG Nationals is the biggest event on the Goodguys tour, and the AutoCross is a big part of that. The racing between the cones was tight and the rides were outstanding. Check out the gallery inside. Read More


ATI, Fluidampr and TCI Offer Expert Damper Advice

Three different damper manufacturers with three different damper designs, but all agree that dampers are necessary to maximize power and ensure engine longevity. Read more on this critical engine topic. Read More


Vinyl Roof on a 5th Gen Camaro: Win or Fail?

Would you like to see more of this on late-model Camaros, either as an homage to classic first gen cars, or on its own merit? Or is it an aberration that shouldn't be encouraged? Read More


’70 Boss 429, ’67 Shelby GT500 And More For Auction By US Marshals

Ever wanted to own a 1970 BOSS 429 or a real-deal 1967 Shelby GT500? Now's your chance - the US Marshal's Service has one of each up for auction in September - check it out! Read More

1970 Plymouth GTX  johnny lightning

eBay: Full Scale Johnny Lightning 1970 Plymouth GTX

As kids many of us collected diecast cars and dream of getting behind the wheel of one. While searching eBay we came across this 1970 Plymouth GTX that served as a basis for a Johnny Lightning diecast car. Read More


A Very Special Moment–Steve Stanford Debuts Artwork At The Petersen

On Saturday, August 23rd legendary automotive artist, Steve Stanford, will be debuting his artwork for the very first time. Attendees will be able to purchase prints and have them signed by Steve, learn more inside! Read More


Video: 2014 SS is the First Chevy with Automatic Parking Assist

The system works by using sensors to identify and measure both parallel and perpendicular spots, then takes control of the steering while the driver handles the gas, brake, and transmission. It's a little eerie... Read More


RK Motor’s Shelby GT Three Of A Kind Are A Full House

Having one Shelby GT is rare enough but RK Motors Charlotte has three of these collector cars! Each is ready for a new home, or all in the same home for a full house. Check out the details here. Read More


Derale Performance: PWM Electric Fan Controller Installation

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controllers reduce cooling fan speed instead of turning the fan off completely. We installed Derale's PWM to maintain a steady coolant temperature without constant fluctuations. Read More


Dodge to Auction Off First Production SRT Hellcat at Barrett-Jackson

This exclusive one-of-one Viper Stryker Red 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, sporting VIN 0001, will be up for grabs on September 27th at the Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas Auction. Check it out inside! Read More

Hedman GM G-Body 50-State Legal Headers

Hedman Emissions-Legal G-Body Full Length Headers

G-Body owners no longer have to worry about that yearly visit to the smog machine, as these new long-tube headers form the guys at Hedman carry a C.A.R.B. EO# and are fully emissions-legal. Check 'em out! Read More


Event Coverage: 23rd Annual Connecticut Dragway Reunion

Gone but not forgotten! Check out the 23rd Annual Connecticut Dragway Reunion to see 700+ show vehicles and nostalgic drag cars relive the glory days! Click here to read more! Read More


Top Muscle: The Rarest Cars from America’s Fastest Decade

"Top Muscle: The Rarest Cars from America’s Fastest Decade" is a new book on the collection owned by "The Brothers." Grab a drink and sit back and enjoy some of our favorite musclecars and see how many you remember. Read More

Dick Brandt2014-07-10_17-37-51

Interview And Car Features: A Lifetime Of Passion For Dick Brandt

Dick Brandt opened the doors to his personal collection of classic cars, auto memorabilia, and everything else from the past. We sat him down and learned about his incredible career in the auto industry. Read More


Swap Insanity: A Truly Badass LS-Powered 1988 Chrysler Conquest

Check out this epic 1988 Chrysler Conquest build by John Lazorack III - this thing is gorgeous and it's under LS1 Power! Read More


eBay Find: Way-Cool ’68 Valiant With Elliot-Built Dodge NASCAR Motor

This surviving (and surviving well) '68 Plymouth Valiant, with an Ernie Elliot-built Dodge NASCAR motor for power, is well on its way to terrorizing the streets and the strip with over 700 horsepower on tap. Read More