“Carlito’s Way” 1973 Nova

Movie cars are always an interesting find. Sometimes they customized too extensively, and sometimes they are rolling examples of art. The Al Pacino move Carlito's Way, featured this modified Nova. Read More

72 Mercury201508190031

Scott Farrell’s 72 Mercury Montego GT “Forgotten American Muscle”

The 1972 Mercury Montego GT has often been referred to as the forgotten American musclecar. While this may be true, there are still a few in existence today, like Scott Farrell's beautifully restored GT. Read More


A Look at Our Favorite Cheats in Motorsports

Cheating in motorsports takes many different forms, aerodynamics, fuel, tires, engines and many other avenues offer devious racers the opportunity to bend the rules. We cover 10 of the best examples. Read More


Video: 1961 Chevy Bel Air

It's rare to find a four door that stands out in a crowd and merits a featured video. In this situation, the Apocalypse '61 Chevy Bel Air not only deserves it, it commands it. Take a video tour of the car here. Read More


Chuck Redding’s “MonzaRod” Really Cool At Any Speed

Chuck Redding wanted to build a hot rod, but not just another typical run-of-the-mill hot rod, he wanted something different, his "MonzaRod fits that description, but leaves one question, "How cool is this thing ?" Read More


QA1 Hollywood Hot Rod Series Shocks A Huge Success

After a very successful launch late in 2014, QA1's Hollywood Hot Rod Series Shocks have been hard to keep on the shelf forcing QA1 to increase production to meet an ever growing demand. Read More


The Corvette Gassers Of Two Generations

The Glass family has established a great little collection of automobiles. Specifically we take a more in-depth look at their C1 and C2 Corvette gassers. Read More


A 9.00 Second 1960 C10 Apache, A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Brock Austin's 1960 Chevrolet C10 Apache may appear to be just another custom truck, but don't let its appearance fool you. This bright red pickup is in reality, a nitrous breathing 9-second beast. Read More


QA1 Open House: Cool Billet Parts, New Products, Secrets, And Smoke

QA1 held its annual open house and car show this past July, and this time we got to be a part of the party. There was plenty to see, and what open house/car show would be the same without a few burnouts? Read More

Good Guys Indy 2015-213

Pro Street Dream: Terry Ruble’s Beastly 1969 SS Camaro

Terry Ruble's 1969 SS Camaro is a home built monster like no other. Every inch of this street beast has been worked over to meet his goal of a big horsepower cruiser. Read More


This 1969 C3 Didn’t Always Look So Good

Greg Raymond may not have known what he would end up with when he first purchased this 1969 C3 Corvette, but the end result is certainly one to be proud of. Read More


Falling In Love With A Bonneville As A Second Pontiac Love Interest

Coming home from Vietnam, Doug wanted a new Pontiac. He went to the dealership and found out that what he wanted was not going to be what he got. He fell in love with it anyway, and still owns that same car today. Read More


The Ultimate Chevrolet Collection

In the small town of Eagles Mere, Pennsylvania, we found just a sampling of what is possibly the largest collection of cars owned by one man. We checked it out, and now so can you. Read More


Muscle Cars You Should Know: Pontiac Firebird Super Duty 455

The mid-1970s were a rough time for high performance - particularly for domestic brands. But a team of engineers at Pontiac managed to slip one by the bean counters with the SD-455, creating a legend in the process. Read More


A Look Behind the Curtain At the Development of the New Ford GT

Developing a car in secrecy takes an extreme effort, doing it in a compressed amount of time without anyone finding out is a daunting task. Go behind the scenes with the folks responsible for the all new Ford GT. Read More


Jack O’Hanlon’s 1969 “Radiantly Red” Dodge Charger

At eight years old, Jack O'Hanlon grew up watching the "Dukes of Hazzard". He knew someday he would own a 1969 Dodge Charger, in fact, he believes it was in his destiny to own this car. Looks like he was correct. Read More

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