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Brutal In Blue: Precision Machines Builds One Bad Fastback

The team at Precision Machines in Lodi California built this beautiful '66 Fastback for a customer with the best of everything. PM owner Kevin Sittner bought it back just a few years later. Read More


Thirtieth Times A Charm: Mike Simpson’s 1970 Chevelle

Do you own your dream car? Mike Simpson set out to make this Chevelle his dream car and has accomplished just that. Read More


Behind the Wheel: A Wet and Wild Track Day with the Camaro Z/28

Sometimes you learn the most when things don't go exactly the way you planned... Find out what happens when you put a writer behind the wheel of Chevy's most race-ready Camaro ever, in the pouring rain. Read More


Steve Tornari’s Miranda Built 1967 Nova: Street Machine of The Year

Steve Tornari and the crew from Miranda Built have created what could be the ultimate street machine 1967 Nova. The car won the Good Guys Street Machine of the Year in 2014 and dropped a ton of jaws in the process. Read More


Car Feature: Snake’s 1958 Impala

Introduced in the late 1950s, the Chevy Impala has been celebrated for decades. But long before the model became one of America's best-selling cars, Leroy Baca of Colorado decided he had to have one and this is it! Read More


Car Feature: Jake Rozelle’s 1969 Ultimate Street Car Camaro

First generation Camaros are all that Jake Rozelle knows. His family has owned first gen Camaros for his entire life and this most recent one has been with them for 10-years. Read more about this '69 Camaro SS here. Read More


Car Feature: Cathy Fig’s Final Ride In Her 1971 Chevelle Convertible

When Cathy Fig was received her diagnosis, she had only one final wish: A ride in her drop top Chevelle. See how a group of volunteers restored this convertible in only five months! Read More


Car Feature: K&N American Iron Mustang Is Racking Up Podiums

Built in the R&D department's spare time, this American Iron Racer driven by K&N's Dave Martis is consistently capturing poles, and getting on the podium in the popular NASA racing class. Read More


Car Feature: Rick Trunkett’s Nasty 1972 Plymouth Duster Has Boost

Rick Truckett has created a classic Mopar that uses equal parts old school, new school, and is all cool. But it's been an old school of hard knocks to get it to where it is today, and it leaves a lasting impression. Read More


Car Feature: Something Wicked This Way Comes, A ’66 Nova Wagon

Christian Morrow's vision to turn a back-to-basics compact station wagon from the mid-sixties into a wicked wagon is a story worth telling. The results of his effort are stunning. Read more here. Read More

Legit - Mustang Burnout at Dirab Motorsports Park

Racing In The Desert: An Inside Look At Car Culture In Saudi Arabia

Contrary to what you may think about cars and the Middle East, Saudi Arabia has a growing motorsports culture rooted deeply in the working class of young men with a love for American muscle cars and drag racing. Read More

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DZ Exclusive: Steven Niemantas’ Stunning 3,000 HP Twin-Turbo Bentley

Dragzine takes an exclusive look at Englishman Steven Niemantas' incredible new state-of-the-art Bentley Continental GT street/strip masterpiece, packing 615 cubic inches of Steve Morris-built twin-turbo power. Read More


Reader’s Wheels: Kadinger’s Comets

Originally looking for a Ford Maverick, Kadinger found the Mercury Comet and his enthusiasm for the compact car went into orbit with not one, but two of the fifth generation Mercs. Read More

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New 2015 Z06 Details Released

New information regarding the 2015 Z06 drivetrain and performance data recorder surfaced at the Chevrolet Corvette Vehicle Event in Troy, Michigan. Read More


Falconer ZR-12: The Viper-Fighter Corvette that Never Was

When Dodge unveiled the Viper, the Corvette team decided to engage in a bit of one-upmanship with a one of a kind V12 Corvette prototype. Here's the story of the ZR-12... Read More


Car Feature: Garth Hammonds’ Pro-Touring 1970 Camaro RS

Introducing Garth Hammonds' 1970 Camaro RS. He may be young, but Garth loves the classics. See how he took this Camaro from a primer beater into a SEMA show-stopper inside! Read More

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