JET Performance Products Carburetors: An Interview with Dan Nicholas

JET Performance Products may be well known for their technology with ECMs and performance chips, but they never forgot their roots and still have a healthy business tuning performance carburetors. Read More


Corvette Craft: The Story Behind GTS Customs

Greg Thurmond, of GTS Customs in Simi Valley, California, is a strong believer in slow and steady work. His everyday business consists of fixing up old Corvettes, and they come out looking anything but normal. Read More


The Secrets to Autocross Success with Marry Pozzi.

We sit down with autocross legend, Mary Pozzi to talk about her career and gather her advice on how to do well in the sport. Read on to improve your cone-carving skills and learn more about one of the greats. Read More


Chief Perpetrator, Jay Lamm, Talks 24 Hours of LeMons

Turnology sits down with the infamous founder of the 24 Hours of Lemons racing series, Jay Lamm. We learn how his career as an automotive journalist lead to the creation of a nation-wide racing series for $500 cars. Read More


Clutches Explained: ACT, McLeod Racing, and SPEC Weigh In

For the performance enthusiast, there are many options in the clutch market. In this article, we spend some time with three of the biggest clutch manufacturers to find out what makes them different. Read More


Testing The First Big-Block Chevy, An Interview With Bill Howell

Peek inside as we take a step back in time, interviewing Bill Howell who worked on the very first big-block Chevy engines. See how Chevrolet tested and designed the motors, and what problems they had to overcome! Read More

Dick Brandt2014-07-10_17-37-51

Interview And Car Features: A Lifetime Of Passion For Dick Brandt

Dick Brandt opened the doors to his personal collection of classic cars, auto memorabilia, and everything else from the past. We sat him down and learned about his incredible career in the auto industry. Read More


Icon Steve Stanford Preps For Debut Exhibit At The Petersen Museum

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with automotive artist, Steve Stanford. He shared some of his insights over lunch. All this in lieu of his momentous debut at the Petersen Museum on August 23rd. Read More


6 Tips For Oiling Hot Rods, Driven Racing Oil And Lucas Oil Share

Driven Racing Oil and Lucas Oil share 6 tips for oiling your hot rod or street rod. Which viscosity should you use? How often should you change the oil in your street rod? Get in here to see and learn more! Read More

Don Hunter

Interview: Smokey Yunick From The Person That Knew Him Best

Smokey Yunick is widely considered the greatest mechanic of his era. A practical man, He was always honest, even when the truth hurt. We wanted to know what his daughter thought Smokey would say about things today. Read More


Interview: Mario Andretti Talks About His Ties With Chevrolet

Mario Andretti was named by the Associated Press as "Driver of the Century" making him an iconic figure in motorsports. We caught up with the legend recently to discuss how Chevrolet engines impacted his career. Read More


Five Questions: Chevy Head of Consumer Affairs James Bell

Chevrolet's Head of Consumer Affairs, James Bell, hit the automotive journalist talk circuit with a vengeance, and we had a chance to ask him some questions about the announcement of the Stingray's estimated fuel economy, what the LT1 will mean for Chevy as a whole, and the future of the C7 Corvette. Read More


Jim Rawa’s Hot Rod Farm–Pomona, NJ

Check out this video of a "Hot Rod Farm" in New Jersey! Jim Rawa's collection includes a Chevelle, a Lincoln Capri, and a bunch of Plymouth Furies, one of which is modeled after "Christine," Stephen King's demon car! Read More


Q&A: How Traction Control Is Changing Drag Racing

In this roundtable Q&A session, we'll take a look at the current state of the traction control debate from the perspective of the racing series that both permit and allow it and the manufacturers that campaign heavily in favor of it. Read More


Street Racing Culture in Los Angeles Examined by National Geographic

Street racers are a segment of the hot rodding and automotive cultures that most of the rest of society would like to see disappear. However for those heavily involved in street racing, there's more to it than a wicked burst of is a way of life! Read More


Hollywood Hot Rods: Exclusive Behind The Scenes Look With Troy Ladd

Recently we were lucky enough to venture on over to Burbank, California to spend the day with Troy Ladd at the infamous - Hollywood Hot Rods to check out the shop and some of their ongoing projects. Here's a closer look at all of the hidden jewels we discovered inside. Read More

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