The 2016 Camaro Does More With Less – A Lot Less

Today, Chevrolet dropped another sixth-gen Camaro teaser, which means we're another day closer to the debut on May 16th. Read More


Maryland Classic Cars Under Attack!

If you Live in the state of Maryland, your classic car might be under attack! Learn more about how you can help inside. Read More

1968 Chevy Impala london impound

1968 Chevy Impala is Stolen in Idaho and Ends up in London?!?

Somehow a 1968 Chevy Impala was stolen from Idaho and ended up over 4,000 miles away in London, Great Britain. How it got there remains a mystery. Read More


Video: 1,500 HP Twin Turbo Corvette Almost Wrecks on the Street

Driving a 1,500 horsepower Corvette on the street is cool. Almost losing control and crashing into not one but two Nissan GT-R's definitely is not cool. Read More

CHevy S-10 firetruck

This Is A Chevy S-10 Firetruck? We’re Not Convinced.

This 7 wheeled contraption is suppose to be a Chevy S-10, however we aren't entirely sure. Its ridiculous and over the top but what is it? Read More


JET Performance Products Releases POWR-FLO 3.6L Throttle Body Spacer

JET Performance Products is adding to the 3.6L Pentastar motor's effectiveness with a new throttle body spacer, capable of improving throttle response and fuel efficiency. Check it out! Read More


Spotlight: Bob Warren’s Factory Five ’33 Roadster

For Bob Warren, a custom '33 Roadster from Factory Five more than fits the bill for his hot rod wishes. Supercharged and painted candy apple red, it's touring the show circuit in Southern California in a big way. Read More


Video: A Drifting Chevy LS Powered S10 Tears Up An Autocross Track

The 2015 Street Machine and Muscle Car Nationals came roaring into the Fairplex in Pomona, California. Click here to see a monstrous LS engine swapped Chevy S10 truck tear up the autocross track at the event. Read More


Nebraska Man Arrested After Stealing Camaro From Dealership

A 21 year-old Nebraska man was arrested Monday after he attempted to steal a brand new 2015 Chevrolet Camaro right off the lot. You can probably guess how the rest went down. Read More


Deep Fried Buicks – A Sad Day In The Musclecar World For Shop Owner

If burned out Buick muscle cars upset you, turn back now. Otherwise, forge ahead knowing that this ain't pretty, especially for Tri-Shield fans. We say it's a good time to review your auto insurance coverage. Read More

e-Bay 68 Chevelle-2

E-Bay Find: Very Clean, Rare ’68 Chevy Chevelle SS 396 Shows Up

Check out this 1968 Chevelle for sale on e-Bay. It looks clean and ready for you to build up your dream musclecar. Is the price right, though? Let us know what you think. Read More

Maloo 1

An HSV Maloo GTS Makes More Power Thanks To C&A Auto Fashion

This beautiful HSV Maloo GTS made its way into the hands of the Holden specialists over at C&A Auto Fashion for a Stage 2 upgrade kit and a nice bump in power. We need these in the states, badly... Read More


American Motors AMX Prototype For Sale – $400K

Show cars, prototypes and orphans, oh my! Scrappy AMC churned out some very cool designs in the sixties and shook up the global auto design industry in the process. Here's an AMX concept that escaped the crusher. Read More

F131728800 copy

American Car Craft Launches Dodge Challenger Door Sills

Late model muscle cars like the Challenger deserve all the flair they can get. American Car Craft is here to help with its new two-piece door sills for the car, which come with optional LED lighting. Check it out! Read More


Custom Made Factory Replacement GM Fuel Tanks From Rick’s Tanks

Classic F-body and X-body car owners now have another option when it comes to fuel tanks. Rick's Tanks has brand new stamped steel tanks designed for an internal electric fuel pump and sending unit. Read More

01 - HjeHJqK

War Machine: Check Out This Killer 1970 Chevrolet Nova

This is not David Freiburger's F-Bomb Camaro, though it could be its younger sister. This 1974 Chevy War Nova is a fast machine that's ready to do some dogfighting. Read More

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