“Used” Hellcat For Sale: Chevrolet Dealer Takes Hellcat Trade-In

With so many people sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for their Hellcat Challenger to arrive, we have a Chevrolet dealership that has a low mileage Hellcat taken as a trade-in. Anyone want a used Hellcat? Read More


Hellcat Carnage: This One Left The Lot, An Hour Later It Is Totaled

UPDATED: We just got word from a friend that possibly the first 2015 Hellcat Challenger has been totaled in Colorado. We're told the car just left the lot an hour earlier. A few more pictures have been added. Read More

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 7.44.49 AM

Video: Luckily This One’s on Film, But Think Twice Before You Valet

Most valet drivers treat cars well, but this one may have had a momentary lapse in judgement and a 2015 C7 Stingray was the innocent bystander. Read More

1966 Dodge Charger 318 barn find

Barn Find: Is This 1966 Dodge Charger Too Much To Handle?

A buyer thought he must of struck gold when he found this 1966 Charger. He cleaned the car up only to discover more rust than he initially thought and has listed the car for sale. Can this '66 Charger be saved? Read More

1966 Pontiac GTO

Craigslist Find: Will This ’66 Goat Cruise Route 66 Once Again?

This '66 GTO has been infected with frostbite and a bad case of rust. With the amount of rust eating away at the floor and the body will elbow grease be enough to make this "Pon-Pon" roadworthy? Read More


Video: They’re Back And Seeking Fuel, Mad Max Fury Road Teaser Drops

Mad Max: Fury Road drops second teaser with fourth installment of franchise expected to drop sometime in mid 2015. Filled with weapon rigged flame throwing rides Mad Max once more pilots his 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT. Read More


2015 Z06 ECU Problem is Not Really a Problem

Some Z06 owners have been reporting noticeable losses in power, but it's not from motor failure, and time (or milage) will heal all wounds. Read More


Video: Vararam VR-X LS3 Manifold on the Dyno

We finally get a closer look at the Vararam VR-X manifold, and see how it performs on the dyno compared to both stock and aftermarket intakes. Read More


PRI 2014: World Products’ Complete Engine Kits; Erson Custom Cams

World Products is offering brand-new complete engine kits, while Erson Cams has a handle on what it takes to build a custom camshaft. More details on both are inside. Read More

harry 6

One of One – 1965 Sunbeam Tiger “Harry” Coupe to Hit Auction

We love little British cars stuffed with big Yank V-8s and here's a "one of one" Sunbeam Tiger. Nicknamed "Harry" after Thomas Harrington LTD who built the body, it's headed to auction next month in Arizona. Read More

Fast and Furious Dodge Charger

A 10 Second Ride: Driving The Fast and the Furious Dodge Charger

How would you like to take the Fast and the Furious Dodge Charger for a test drive? One lucky man got to see what all the fuss was about when Dom Toretto said that the car scares the hell out of him. Check it out! Read More

1960 plymo wagon 2

Craigslist Find: Gassered Up 1960 2-Door Plymouth Wagon

We dig two-door wagons and here's a dandy. Mint green with skinny Torque Thrusts and Gasser style exhaust dump headers add spice to already crazy Exner styling. Is it worth $29,500? Read More


Wrecked Vette Wednesday: This Reagan-Era C3 Is Hot, Hot, Hot

This 1980 Corvette starts off nice, and ends up horrific. Is it the forgettable styling from the later-generation C3s that makes you gag, or the sight of its burn damage? Read More

limo 4

eBay Find: A Pro Street 1981 Street Cadillac Fleetwood…Limo?

What's cooler than having your own limo? How about having one with a roll cage, ladder bars, and a blown rat motor under the hood? We found one on eBay that checks all these boxes and more! Read More

6 gen 1

6th Gen Camaro Render from – How Close to the Real Deal?

A lot of folks have speculated what the upcoming 6th Gen Camaro will look like with images all over the internet. These renderings from were mapped from camo'd spyshots and are probably pretty accurate. Read More

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

National Corvette Museum Raffle For a Laguna Blue, 2015 Stingray

The car available for this raffle is a beautiful 2015 Corvette 2LT Stingray painted in the rather stunning Laguna Blue, and even includes Corvette Museum Delivery. Read More

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