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Top Muscle: The Rarest Cars from America’s Fastest Decade

"Top Muscle: The Rarest Cars from America’s Fastest Decade" is a new book on the collection owned by "The Brothers." Grab a drink and sit back and enjoy some of our favorite musclecars and see how many you remembe Read More


Swap Insanity: A Truly Badass LS-Powered 1988 Chrysler Conquest

Check out this epic 1988 Chrysler Conquest build by John Lazorack III - this thing is gorgeous and it's under LS1 Power! Read More


eBay Find: Way-Cool ’68 Valiant With Elliot-Built Dodge NASCAR Motor

This surviving (and surviving well) '68 Plymouth Valiant, with an Ernie Elliot-built Dodge NASCAR motor for power, is well on its way to terrorizing the streets and the strip with over 700 horsepower on tap. Read More

July 18c

Preview of The Kam Nova SEMA Car That Promises to Kick On

The Kam Motor Tinning crew from down under are prepping to bring another bonzer to the 2014 SEMA tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada this year and we have some preview photos from the build. Read More


Video: 2016 Cadillac ATS-V Prototype Laps the Nürburgring

First impressions on watching the video? Man, these things are fast... Watch enough Nürburgring videos and you'll appreciate the difference between the punters in their GTI's and the really capable cars... Read More


HotWheels Builds Life-sized Vader Car, Guttural Breathing Included!

Check out the life-sized Darth Vader-themed Hot Wheels car that was unveiled at this past weekend's Comicon in San Diego! It makes Vader's gutteral breathing noises and packs an LS3... Read More


Blaze at Well Known South Beach Classics Dealership

A suspicious blaze at well known South Beach Classics auto dealership broke out recently. Ted and Robin Vernon report one million dollars in estimated damages have occurred to the shop. Many Vintage rides were lost. Read More


Dakota Digital Adds Brilliance to Kam’s Interior Designs

We are always amazed at the different combinations that create legendary custom built musclecars. This weeks featured car, "The Kamaro" combines Dakota Digital with Rides by Kam for a legendary interior design. Read More


A Family That Plays Together, Stay Together-Meet The Farringtons

The Farrington family is one group that loves their Chevelles and loves to race. Watch inside as they talk about their passion for racing! Read More


Would You Buy a Four-Cylinder 6th-Gen Camaro?

The last time a four was available in a Camaro was the 3rd-gen cars, which were saddled with the Iron Duke 2.5L from 1982 to 1985. Read More

1972 Holden Monaro HQ LS side

Find From the Land Down Under: 72 Holden Monaro Pro Streeter

At Street Legal TV we see plenty of Camaro's, Mustangs and Challengers but it's not often when we come across an Australian Musclecar such as the Holden Monaro. Even rarer is one we see one hot rodded. Read More


Spotted In The Crowd: Spending Time With A Hellcat Hemi Challenger

We took a cruise a couple of hours west to Woodland Hills, California, to take a closer look at the car that's been making headlines for the past couple of months. Come inside and check out the Hellcat Challenger. Read More


Video: See How Driveshaft Drive Angle Affects Vehicle Performance

It may not seem that incorrect driveshaft angles will affect your vehicle's performance, but having universal joints doesn't mean that the input and output shafts spin at the same speed. Watch the video and learn. Read More


Make Room Hellcat Challenger: Most Powerful Sedan Gets A Hellcat Too

The Hellcat Challenger is the most powerful production car in America. That has everyone in the automotive industry scrambling to get a closer look. Are you ready for the most powerful production 4-door sedan? Read More


New Smoothie Water Pumps From Tuff Stuff Performance

Good looks and performance are hallmarks of these new Smoothie water pumps from Tuff Stuff Performance. They're designed for the small and big-block Chevrolet and will improve the looks under the hood. Read More


Flaming River Brings On Ron Skyrme To Lead Business Development

Take a moment to welcome Ron Skyrme, an industry veteran of over 30 years, as he takes over business development duties at Flaming River. Find out more about his profile here. Read More

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