Video: Epic Barn Find Uncovers A Treasure Trove Of Rare Muscle Cars

A car hunter who goes by the handle of The Auto Archaeologist uncovers an incredible assortment of rare vintage muscle rotting away in a storage barn in the Midwest. Can you guess what all this is worth? Read More


Mobile Madness: A 1974 C3 That Puts Out Over 1,300 HP

Custom-made Corvettes don't come a whole lot crazier than this–a 1974 convertible packing a 522 cubic-inch Merlin V8, twin Whipple superchargers, and more gloss black paint than you can shake a stick at! Read More


21 Seasons of Top Gear Automotive Mayhem In One Handy Infographic

The most popular automotive show in history has caused a lot of vehicular destruction over the course of twenty one seasons. But just how much exactly, you ask? This infographic breaks it all down. Read More


Video: Mickey Thompson ET Street Radials – The Definitive Drag Tires

Mickey Thompson left a lasting impression on the drag racing community. The ET Street Radials remain one of the top drag racing tires today. Check out video of an enthusiastic Nova-owner admiring his M/Ts. Read More


Video: Stolen 1972 Corvette Found After Forty Two Years

1972 Stingray Corvette stolen forty two years ago reappears. Original owner locked in red tape battle over title says sadly the car could end up on the auction block and be lost once more. Read More

ACCEL IT Video 2-3

Video: ACCEL IT #2, Bobby Dykstra’s ’72 Chevy Chevelle Gets Upgraded

What would for free ACCEL Performance Group product upgrades to your ride? All you need to to do qualify is send a picture and some information about the car to the company's Facebook page and hashtag it #ACCELIT. Read More

Cuda 1

eBay Find: ’68 Hemi Super Stock Barracuda Re-creation

This Barracuda has all the right parts and pieces to pull off the Super Stock look, and with a 528-inch Hemi under a fiberglass front end, it acts the part, too. SS And AFX built the car, and it could be yours. Read More


Video: Wax Figure Of Buford T. Justice Has A Big Surprise In Store

Even today, 38 years after Smokey and the Bandit hit the big screen gearheads can't get enough of the Trans Am and the infamous car chase. It's not unusual to see a display at a car show, but this one was different. Read More


New GT Pro-Touring Sport Wheel From GT Performance

Restoring your classic? Looking for a mix of modern and classic in a GM steering wheel? Look no further than GT Performance and its new GT Pro-Touring Sport Wheel. It's all right here–check it out! Read More

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

GM Not Alone: Dodge Now Feeling Claws of Hellcat Recall

Dodge has voluntarily recalled all Hellcats for a possible fuel hose leak detected by one of its dealers before the car went to the customer. Will this stem the thirst for these supercharged, 707hp cars? Read More

Chevette 1

Swap Insanity: The 1984 Turbo LSX Red Rocket Chevette That Could

Have you heard of the LSX Red Rocket Chevette? If you haven't, you need to check it out because this little turbocharged LS-powered hatch is one hell of a sleeper. Read More


Video: The “PumpKing” C6 ‘Vette Takes On the MK3 Supra From Hell

Watch the famous Atomic Orange "PumpKing" C6 Corvette take on a 1,400 horse MKIII Toyota Supra at TX2K14; it's definitely a race you don't want to miss. We love the domestic vs. import rivalry at these events... Read More

First Camaro Restored-2

Video: First Camaro Ever Built Found & Restored To Showroom Shape

Restoring a classic car is one of the great pleasures of being an automotive enthusiast. The entire process from beginning to end can be incredibly satisfying, especially when it's the very first Camaro ever built. Read More

CR Supercars And Centerforce To Debut 1969 CR-1 Camaro At 2015 SEMA

As enthusiasts, sometimes we see a custom build and wish we could find a car in such great shape ourselves. CR Supercars has broken the mold and is now in production of their second supercar, the CR-1 1969 Camaro. Read More

1973 Camaro Z28 black on black rear

Is This Rare Black on Black 1973 Camaro Z28 Worth 6 Figures?

This day and age you have a better chance of hitting the Jackpot on the slots than you do finding a low mileage 1973 Z28. However, one man beat the odds and came across this 2800 mile black on black Camaro Z28. Read More


Video: 4th Gen Camaro Donuts Go Bad, Exactly Nobody is Surprised

What happens when you run out of room and talent at the same time, while doing donuts in a crowded parking lot? This video from 2012 shows you... Read More

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