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Rare 409 Impala Snatched Up By GM President For New York Auto Show

You’ve seen them time and time again- the classic cars used by big name automotive manufacturers in the unveiling ceremonies and pictures of modern car remakes. But where do they get those classics from? Well, for one Pennsylvania man, GM found one such car in his garage. According to the Sun Gazette, Michael Smith’s fully restored ‘65 409 Impala was sought out and recently used in the special New York Auto Show debut of the 2014 Impala model. Talk about a major honor for a classic car owner.

Smith’s car is one of only 2,800 Impalas made in 1965 with a 409ci. Turbo-Fire small-block engine. After a two-year nut and bolt restoration, the car is immaculate, showcasing the very best qualities of the classic fifth-gen Impala model. With that being the case, it is easy to see why GM President Mark Reuss sought it out for the special Impala reveal.

After looking for months for the perfect car to pair the new ‘14 model up with for its debut, Reuss caught word of Smith’s car through contacts made at a 2010 Hemmings Motor News-sponsored show in which Smith’s car won the “Favorite Chevrolet” award. After contacting Smith and getting the okay to use the Impala, GM shipped the car to New York for its unique stage presence.

Smith also received VIP passes to walk the floor of the New York Auto Show with his family and watch his car cross the stage for the long-awaited Impala debut. While the Impala has won the top award in its class for the past two years at the Carlise car show, we’re sure having his car showcased in front of hundreds of industry leaders and reporters in New York took the cake for Smith’s car collecting career.

Obviously, automotive manufacturers want the best of the best to help debut their new car models, and Smith’s car just happened to be the perfect fit. With a rare opportunity like this, there’s no telling where Smith’s car may pop up next.

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