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Project Biting the Bullitt


Derale Performance: PWM Electric Fan Controller Installation

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controllers reduce cooling fan speed instead of turning the fan off completely. We installed Derale's PWM to maintain a steady coolant temperature without constant fluctuations. Read More


Installing Ed Quay’s Sheetmetal Wing On Biting The Bullitt

Improving the on-track stability of Project Biting The Bullitt came down to one important variable – directing the airflow properly over the rear of the car. Read More


Increasing Serpentine Blower Pulley Grip With Carbinite

We get supercharger belt slip under control on Project Biting The Bullitt with help from Carbinite's blower pulley coating. Check out the details of this unique and proven system right here. Read More


Installing and Testing AEM’s V2 Water/Methanol Injection System

We install and test out AEM's new easier to use V2 Water/Methanol injection system on our turbo charged 2011 Mustang GT. Find out how easy it is to add this system to your forced induction setup in this article. Read More


Tech: Installing Canton’s Engine Oil Cooler And Why You Need One

We take a look at proper oil cooling methodology and the science behind oil temperatures as we install a unit from Canton Racing Products on our Project Biting The Bullitt '65 Mustang. Read More

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Motive Pro Gears and Spool Install For Biting The Bullitt

As we look to earn high eight-second elapsed times with Project Biting The Bullitt, we need to upgrade the rearend for reliability and performance. Motive Gear gets on board - check it out! Read More

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How Headers Are Designed And Built By Pertronix Performance Products

Follow along with us as we take a look at how Pertronix creates a set of stepped long-tube headers for Project Biting The Bullitt - and a new part number that fits the early Mustang with TCI's tubular suspension! Read More


Stage 3 Snow Water/Methanol Injection For Our Blown ’65 Mustang

We add more power and cooler air inlet temperatures to Project Biting The Bullitt with a Stage 3 Water/Methanol injection system from Snow Performance. Join us for a walk-though of the installation and dyno testing. Read More


Inside Racepak’s Entry-Level ‘LDX’ Data Logging Programmable Dash

Join us for an inside look at Racepak's LDX Logger Dash, part of their entry-level UDX line of programmable dashes, that brings data acquisition capability right to the fingertips of grass roots racers. Read More


Project Biting The Bullitt Makes Successful Debut In Bakersfield

Our Project Biting the Bullitt 1965 Ford Mustang made it’s long-awaited debut at the NMCA WEST’s World Street Finals in Bakersfield, California recently, making consistent high nine-second runs. Read More


Understanding Drag Racing Rear Anti-Roll Bars

Drag racers are always looking for ways to make their car faster and more consistent at the race track. A properly installed anti-roll bar can lead to reduced 60-foot times and improved consistency at the track. Read More


Biting The Bullitt’s Powermaster 140 Amp Alternator Upgrade

Since equipping Project Biting the Bullitt with a specially-built 427ci Dart engine, we've seen a lot of great things happen to our '65 Mustang, including a Powermaster alternator upgrade. Check it out inside! Read More


Tech: Custom Flowmaster U-Fit Exhaust Install On Biting The Bullitt

Today, we're going to take a look at the exhaust system that will be riding under our Biting the Bullitt '65 Mustang, which begins with one of Flowmaster's U-Fit three-inch exhaust systems that we'll then pair with Read More


Tech: Racepak’s Solid State SmartWire Power Distribution Module

The Racepak SmartWire is a completely-programmable, solid-state electronics solution for controlling all of the components in your hotrod or racecar. Take a look inside as we detail some of its highlights and install one into our Project Biting The Bullitt Paxton-supercharged 1965 Mustang. Read More


TCI EZ-TCU and Upgrades for Biting the Bullitt’s Streetfighter 4L80E

We get our project Biting the Bullitt one step closer to the street and strip by finishing up the installation of our TCI Super Streetfighter 4L80E transmission, including wiring and programming the EZ-TCU, as well as adding a cooler, pan and fluid. Read More


Lokar Direct Fit Billet Throttle Cable System For Classic Mustangs

We like Lokar's billet aluminum throttle pedal assembly for classic 1965-70 Mustangs. It looks fabulous and functions very well because it completely replaces your Mustang's factory-installed throttle linkage with crisp cable function and light throttle effort. Read More

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