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Video: Classic Road Tests Of 1950s Automobiles

In this pair of car testing videos, journalist Tom McCahill puts some classic American iron through brutal road tests. Watch what happens when these classics are treated to rough conditions.

Video: Six Cylinders Of Boosted Ford Cortina Is A Down Under Wonder

Though Australia will soon shutter its autoindustry, vehicles like this boosted six-banger Ford Cortina are a reminder of the Wonders from Down Under.

Video: Mustang vs. Focus RS Drift Battle

It’s a great time to be a Ford performance car enthusiast, and we’ve got proof in this video of two Blue Oval-wearing sports cars in a drift battle.

Video: From Project Car To Mustang Racer, The Life Of Addison Lee

Addison Lee grew up watching his father race before undertaking a high school project car that would lead him to his own racing career.

Music Video: Slant 6 Rocks Out With Mopar Or No Car Part 2 – NSFW

Slant 6 brought us the catchy tune Mopar or No Car a few years back. After more than two million views, our friend is back with Mopar or No Car, Part 2, and plenty more cruising tunes that you can download.

Video: If You’re Seeking A 1966 Batmobile, This Is The Guy To Visit

The Batmobile is one of the most iconic television show cars ever. And one man in Indiana is licensed to build you a replica at just a fraction of what the real thing sold for at auction.

Video: Charger SRT Hellcat – Does Your Family Need 707 Horsepower?

The Charger Hellcat is the fastest four-door sedan in the world with a top speed of 204 MPH. With plenty of room and a supercharged Hemi, can it be a practical car for a family? We drove it for a week to find out.

Video: Jay Leno Throws A Tantrum Around The Streets Of Los Angeles

Jay Leno gets to drive some of the coolest cars in the world, and just about anyone will toss him the keys so he can take it for a spin. This time, however, he passed on the burnout test on Tantrum.

Video: With Frankenstein, The “Honey-Dos” Are No Longer A Problem

What do you get when you cross an old Ford F100 with modern technology? Frankenstein, of course. Check out this creation from KC’s Paint Shop and ride along on a couple errands for the wife.

Video: Tick Tock – Valentine’s And The Slip Sliding Away Ford Falcon

When you talk about Falcons, it makes you think about the last time you saw one that was badass. This 1963 Falcon is going to change your answer, watch as it tears through town to deliver the goods.

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