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Video: 200+MPH Hellcat Charger – Fastest Sedan On The Planet

These are the good old days people. We’ve reached a milestone where your local Mopar dealer sells a 200 MPH car. Golden Age of Muscle is NOW. Thanks to the true believers at FCA that made the Hellcat happen.

Video: Classic Grudge Match Pits Viper TA Against C7 Corvette Z06

The most hardcore versions of two American sports car icons – the Dodge Viper and the Chevrolet Corvette – head to the drag strip to see which supercar is the new top dog in town.

What Is A Sleeper? We Ask The TV Car Show Experts For Their Opinions

What is a sleeper? The debate has been on for decades, and will continue for decades more. We decided to ask five TV experts what they think; you’ve seen them on the weekend shows, and here’s that they have to say.

NSFW Music Video: OIL-LEN Has Cool Cars, Great Music, And Hot Girls

We featured OIL-LEN a couple years ago with their hit “Fastback ’70s” and it was a great tune. They’re back again with another great song and a wild video that might not be safe at work… or at home. Check it out.

Video: Hellcat Challenger Takes On A Tesla, Then Blows It Big Time

All summer long in 2014, the Hellcat with its performance was all the rage, and it received its fair share of hate from Ford and Chevy fans. This time, however, the Hellcat aims to take on the Tesla. It failed. Bad.

The 2015 Corvette Z06: Is it Enough?

The C7 Z06 is being asked to carry the mantle of both track toy and supercar – does the latest, greatest Chevy have shoulders broad enough for the task?

2015 Corvette Z06 Track and Touring Impressions

We cover the benefits of the Z07 package for the 2015 Z06, our impressions of driving this amazing machine on the track at Spring Mountain, and a street drive through the South Western Desert.

1966 Mercury Cyclone GT Indy 500 Pace For Sale

This fine piece of history comes in the form of a 1966 Mercury Cyclone GT convertible Indy 500 Pace Car. It’s rare enough to find a Cyclone in great conditions, but the Pace Car is up for grabs through RK Motors.

Video: Forget The Viper, Hellcat Challenger Takes On C7 Z06 Corvette

Not that we’re complaining, but the horsepower wars from the big three are starting to match up cars that aren’t even in the same class to see who reigns supreme. Who is going to topple the Hellcat as the fastest?

Video: Cruising In A Mini Chevrolet Custom 10 With Chaotic Customs

Very few of our dads had the kind of creativity that we have with our kids. From wagons to strollers to Power Wheels, kids these days have some pretty cool rides these days. Then there’s this kid with his own C10.

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