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PRI 2014: Tony Stewart on “The Culture of Winning” and the Camaro

At the 2014 PRI show in Indianapolis, Indiana, we got the unique opportunity to have our own Dennis Pittsenbarger sit down with multi-time NASCAR champ Tony Stewart and Chevrolet’s Jim Campbell.

PRI 2014: Derive Powers SCT, Bully Dog, And Race Winning Champions

SCT brought out Mike Murillo and Nina Gussler to talk about their winning ways with SCT this season. Now under Derive systems, combines the best technologies from both SCT and Bully Dog, and cloud tuning.

PRI 2014: BMR Delivers 2015 Mustang Suspension Parts

BMR Suspension is one of the first companies we know that have a full array of suspension components for the 2015 Mustang. Come in and check it all out!

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PRI 2014: Turbonetics Plays Host To ‘The Fastest Chick In Oklahoma’

Turbonetics Inc. hosted Tina Pierce, the “Fastest Chick in Oklahoma” at this year’s PRI tradeshow in Indianapolis. We caught up with Reggie Wynn and talked about Turbonetics new TNX line of turbochargers.

Video: 2015 Corvette Z06 Takes On 2014 Viper TA- Does It Seem Legit?

The Viper vs Vette battle will go on and on, and whether it’s at the track or on the street, there will always be a winner and a loser. But the only thing these battles do is fuel future battles, and we like that!

Video: Furious 7 Trailer, Paul Walker Would Be Proud Of His Brothers

Furious 7, the next installment in the franchise has wrapped, and the official trailer was released. But will viewers be able to tell which scenes were Paul Walker, and which were his brother? Some say you won’t.

Video: Jay Leno Takes Wounded Vet For Life-Changing Ride In Hellcat

Cpl Ethan Leberge is just one of the hundreds of wounded soldiers that have served our country through the last several years. Recently, Leno had the opportunity to meet Leberge and give him a surprise of a lifetime

Video Redemption: Chevelle Owner Vindicates His Damaging Wheelie

One of our readers saw the unfortunate video that showed some carnage to his Chevelle. Being the good sport he is, he sent us his video redemption, pulling off a mid-eight second pass at 153. Now that’s a comeback!

Video: TurboNuts Asks The Question – Ken Block Who?

With the release of Gymkhana 7 we knew we would see a lot of tribute videos posted in a matter of time. However, the guys at TurboNuts thought it might be a good idea to actually call out Ken Block.

Video: One Week With A Hellcat – How Civil Can 707 Horsepower Be?

After a summer of hearing how fast and powerful the 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat is, we decided to do something different from most others. We borrowed a six-speed car for one week, and we drove it like we owned it.

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