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Video: Dodge Night Floods Woodward

Hundreds of Mopars flooded Dodge Night at the Woodward Dream Cruise for their fourth-annual get together. Check out the video to check out some of the sweet rides that made the trek to Woodward.

Black Zombie Electric Mustang
Video: Electric Ford Mustang Takes Out Shelby GT500

This 1968 fastback is an electric Ford Mustang capable of 750+ horsepower, and in this video it takes the cake against a 2011 Shelby GT500.

Video: Are We Ready For An Electric Supercar With Gobs Of Torque?

One of the most iconic cars from the ’60s is the Shelby Daytona Coupe. Only six were ever built so they’re rare and pricey. Here’s a coupe based on the Daytona, on a real CSX9000 chassis, but something is different.

Video: Quick Fuel Technology’s Quick Fuel Injection Conversion

This video shows us how simple it is to convert to a Quick Fuel Injection system on a classic musclecar. The new kit from Quick Fuel Technology helps to increase performance and fuel economy in a bolt-on kit.

Video: Charger SRT Hellcat Asks The Question – How Ya’ Like Me Now?

With the release of the Hellcat Challenger as the most powerful musclecar, we knew Chrysler had plans to bring us the most powerful sedan in the world, too. And that they did, take a look at the SRT Hellcat Charger.

Video: Jay Leno Gets A Visit From Tim Kuniskis And The Hellcat Hemi

We knew it would happen because Jay Leno always gets to drive the new cars before anyone else. Does he get to do a burnout with the SRT Hellcat Hemi Challenger like Ralph? You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

The Challenger II Returns To Bonneville: The Team

The third teaser video of four, the focus this time is on the teamwork for the Challenger II. Danny Thompson plans to take the record books and re-write them with a top speed at the Bonneville Salt Flats this week.

Aeromotive Fox body Direct Fit Fuel System

Tuning up our Fox Body’s fuel supply is a simple process – Aeromotive’s Stealth fuel system provided everything we needed with one part number. Engine not supplied.

Video: See How Driveshaft Drive Angle Affects Vehicle Performance

It may not seem that incorrect driveshaft angles will affect your vehicle’s performance, but having universal joints doesn’t mean that the input and output shafts spin at the same speed. Watch the video and learn.

Video: Facts & Figures With The Hellcat Hemi: Ain’t Jealousy A Bitch

Hellcat this, Hellcat that. It’s enough to make a blue oval or bowtie fan cringe with animosity. But instead of crying foul and hurling insults, we should embrace the fact that the horsepower wars are on again!

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