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Video: Final Episode Of The Focus RS Documentary Lands

The eighth and final episode of the Ford Focus RS documentary, Rebirth of an Icon, has finally landed. What did it take to give the fastest Focus ever produced the green light for production from Ford executives?

Video: New Info On The Ford GT Emerges From Leno’s Garage

The new Ford GT swung by Jay Leno’s Garage, revealing some new features and information about the 600+ horsepower supercar.

Video: Affordable EFI Conversions For The Street And For The Track

EFI has always been an expensive conversion, whether it’s a factory-style conversion or an aftermarket throttle body conversion. FiTech offers an affordable solution with kits starting under $1000 to convert to EFI.

Video: Jay Leno Cruises Around In The New Cadillac CTS-V

The 640 horsepower Cadillac CTS-V has arrived in Jay Leno’s garage, and the funnyman doesn’t mince words when it comes to the supercharged Caddy.

Video: Airlift Drift Prequel The First Of Many From Pennzoil

Following up on the success of Airlift Drift video that garnered nearly a million views on YouTube. Pennzoil is launching a new video series called Joyride.

Part Seven Of The Focus RS Documentary Brings Closer Scrutiny

In part seven of Rebirth of an Icon, the Ford Focus RS development team gets a visit from head honcho Raj Nair, who delivers both good and bad news regarding his approval of the new RS.

Video: Jay Leno Drives Ringbrothers’ Custom 1965 Mustang “Espionage”

Jay Leno is back at it with his YouTube series, and the latest arrival on the scene is the Ringbrothers carbon fiber ’65 Mustang named Espionage.

Video: A Spontaneous Cross-Country Trip In A Challenger Hellcat

There are many opinions as to what’s the ultimate road trip car, and two friends make a strong case for the Challenger Hellcat in this video. Join them as they share their cross-country trip with 707 horsepower.

SEMA 2015: Tri-Flow Radiators and Line Flaring Tools From Eastwood

When it comes to putting specialized tools in the hands of DIY automotive enthusiasts Eastwood has provided affordable tools to these builders, but no one expected Eastwood to offer high performance parts until now.

Video: Ralph Gilles In His Viper ACR At VIR

Ralph Gilles may just have the best job in the auto industry as head of design for FCA, and his job comes with perks like his own Viper ACR track car.

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