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Helmet Cam Hot Laps From The Shelby GT350R

The GT350R hits the track for a test drive, and the lucky guy who posted this video to YouTube was able to ride along with his helmet camera turned on. The performance and noise are intoxicating.

Ford GT Baffles Londoners Who Mistake It For A European Exotic

Onlookers in London try to figure out exactly what car the new Ford GT is. The answers posed to this question are comical, confusing, and in some cases downright hilarious.

GT350 Performance Shift Light Indicator
Shelby GT350 Gets Customizable Shift Light Inspired By Road Racing

The Shelby GT350 will come with a customizable Performance Shift Light indicator as a way to optimize performance without taking your eyes off the track. Its some very cool tech making its way to the Mustang.

Video: Human Remains Found In Sunken Pontiac Missing Since 1972

A reopened cold case for a man who went missing 43 years ago had Sheriff’s Investigators using sonar equipment to search a lake where they found the victim’s 1968 Pontiac. Inside was a body believed to be his.

2015 Mustang EcoBoost Takes On High Dollar Competition at VIR

The 2015 Mustang EcoBoost comes with certain expectations from the pony car crowd, and this video from VIR is proof that the four-banger can hang.

Video: In-Car View Of Scott Maxwell’s Shelby GT350R-C Crash

In-car footage reveals how Scott Maxwell crashed the No. 15 Shelby GT350R-C at the Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge, becoming the first driver to do so.

The D-Van Grand Prix Gives New Life To Old Dodge Ram Vans

Only a few diehards love Ram Vans as much as the racers of the D-Van Grand Prix, a Japanese racing series comprised solely of mid-90s Dodge Ram Vans.

2016 Chevy Camaro SS Gets Caught Revving, Are Your Ears Ready?

Fitted with an enhanced dual-mode exhaust system, the 2016 Camaro SS can drop any pretense of being a touring car, and go right for track mode. This quick video demonstrates just how aggressive the exhaust note is.

Video: Dodge Keeps Bringing The Heat With Another Cool Commercial

Maybe the Hellcat Challenger can’t put down a G on the skidpad, is that such a horrible thing when you have cool videos that highlight your halo cars? Dodge did it again, they put out another video to drool over.

Video: Ken Block Brings The Hoonicorn To Goodwood Speed Festival

When you’re a Hoonigan, you make some smoke, it’s expected of you. You don’t follow the trend, or the rules, you go out and you simply show everyone that you’re a rebel. A rebel in a Hoonicorn, what a combination.

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