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Video: 24 Minutes Of Musclecar Burnouts In Lake George, NY

Burnouts after a car show are a staple to every enthusiasts’ diet. Usually they’re in the parking lot, or exiting the parking lot, but this time they’re up and down both sides of the street, with no police presence.

Video: Supercharged Big Block Donk Burnout Nearly Goes Wrong…Twice

There was so much that could’ve gone wrong in this video that almost did. Nearly running people over is always an eventful way to fill your day! This car is almost the train wreck you can’t look away from.

Irvine Plays Host To Ninth Year For Spring Festival of LXs

Although the show was closed to the public, the Spring Festival of LXs was able to draw in over a thousand modern Mopars. It also brings in Chrysler, Dodge, SRT, and some guy named Ralph. Check out the huge gallery.

viper-ta-landing (Custom)
Video: Awesome Car, Baffling Video, SRT Viper TA at Willow Springs

With all the controversy over the Corvette/Viper competitions, and SRT stepping up their game with the Viper TA – built to beat the Vette, you’d think the video would be a little bit better. Watch the video here.

Video: Hey, Hey It’s The Monkeemobile, Passed Up For $1,000!

If you grew up in the late 1960s, then this was probably a car you had on your lunch box or a bookshelf. Imagine loving the car your whole life and getting a chance to own it and cruise to local shows with it.

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Video: A Mini Documentary on the NCM Sinkhole

This is a cool little documentary on the sinkhole that occurred at the National Corvette Museum. Check it out and see why extracting these cars was such a special moment in automotive history!

Video: Best Burnouts From Car Show With A Great Cause At Borgeson

Borgeson Universal have set the date for the 16th annual car show. Until then, enjoy some of the best burnouts from the last show, and visit their web site for your steering conversions. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

Video: Check Out This Life-Like 1/4th Scale RC Plymouth GTX

Ceyhun Eris of Turkey has built this unbelievably life like 1/4th scale Plymouth Roadrunner RC car. He has put hours of hard work into this model to make it as real as possible.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 11.03.01 AM
Video: Pepsi MAX and Jeff Gordon Go For A Second Test Drive

When a journalist decided to say that Jeff Gordon’s Test Drive video was fake, Jeff Gordon set out to make sure he knew it was real.

Video: Goodguys AutoCross – Get Involved & Get Hooked In Racing

If you haven’t been to a Goodguys autocross lately, then you probably didn’t know that you’re one of the few who hasn’t. The spectators and participants have been spreading like wildfire, so check it out!

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